Monday, May 6, 2013

This is what happens when my featherweight is in hospital

(No, I don't have a British bone in my body.  I've just been watching a LOT of British television, including "Call the Midwife" - love it!)

The sewing room is a mess because I have so many things going on at once.  I can't sew, so it seems I can't settle down either.  I was fine as long as I was working on Hat Trick.  When I finished this morning it seems my focus took off in several directions.

Here are Shoo Fly blocks I cut out last Monday after taking Miss Feather to hospital.  They are now squished onto a small corner of the cutting board - I'm so hoping they haven't been mixed up.  I should probably rescue them by setting them aside somewhere - but where?  Ever surface is covered LOL!

Here is what is crowding them into the corner - leftovers from Hat Trick that I'm incorporating into the Vintage Schnibble quilt for May - Gentle Art.   The collection I'm designing the blocks around is one of Howard Marcus' "Collections for a Cause" by Moda.  The packet I'm using is mostly darks, so the leftovers of "Chelsea Boutique" add needed medium tones.  I'm pulling lots of random light squares from my 5" square drawer for the background so they are a mix of many different lines and designers.

Meanwhile, waiting on top of the scraps in the large scrap basket are four little quilt tops basted for quilting.  I think I'll start hand quilting "Butterscotch Stars" to further develop the great callouses forming on my under-the-hoop fingers.

On the floor in the corner, on top of the fabrics waiting for pre-washing, are seven more little quilts needing to be basted.  Right now my basting table for little quilts - which masquerades as a cutting table most days - is covered with fabric.

I guess I should start pre-washing fabrics too, now that I have a big, brand new jar of Orvus Paste from the feed store.

On top of the ironing station are the brights plus the white I pulled to make a quilt similar to the bright Hat Trick quilt seen here that is haunting my quilty dreams.  I'm so eager to get going on this top!

Lastly, hanging on the door into the sewing room is the 2003-2004 Girl Gang quilt top (designed by Jan Patek) which is lacking two borders of being done.  The next border I need to do is very simple - just big squares on the top and bottom with inset pieces going diagonally across them to form a zigzag on each end.  There is no reason that isn't done - it won't take but a day or two to finish that.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is my birthday.  I have no idea how I'll spend it, other than going out for breakfast (I hope!) and dinner.  I bet some of it will be spent working on at least two or three of these projects!

(So sorry for dark pictures.  I discovered - after I took them and posted them - that the camera was set for "no flash".  I tried to re-take them and the battery died.  It seems Blogger is messing around with my font size again also.  And my paragraph spacing!  I hate it when that happens!)


sewkalico said...

Goodness you are all over the place - I know that well. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Kathie said...

well Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
I had to smile as I looked thru all your pictures thats how I felt a few months ago when I was cleaning up my sewing room
amazing how many projects can get started before we get excited about a new one and just have to start that one too. I enjoyed all the pictures and see what your finishes will be while you wait for the machines to come back home!
Have a wonderful day and Yes I hope it means breakfast and dinner out and If I was close I would come take you out to lunch :) my favorite meal to eat out.

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope your featherweight gets home soon. You have some very nice things to work on in the mean time, but I know I would be lost without my machine as well.

swooze said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on your recent win.

MarshaB said...

Congrats on your win! Everytime I see a picture of your organized stash I want to get busy with mine.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day and do some stitching along with eating out. LOL

cityquilter grace said...

oh patti, lovely little butterscotch stars! i love that color--jo morton has kindly helped me get more of it...LOL...and belated happy birthday, hope it was delightful! and speaking british? me too, i find myself saying "sort it out" more and more. great series! how big are your spools? they look big but it just may be an extreme closeup

Carol said...

What wonderful projects! Happy Birthday to you! Oh I love "Call the Midwife"..LOVE it!

James Franklin said...
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