Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of May report

I know - May doesn't end for a couple more days.  However, I feel like today is a good day to take stock and set new goals - probably because I know I won't complete anything else by Friday evening.

I did nicely with my May quilting goals but failed with the rest of the goals.  I've been so focused on quilting that everything else has been shifted to the back seat.   I feel I accomplished a lot - definitely more that I thought I would at the beginning of the month.

Quilty successes include:

1.  Finishing "Hat Trick"
2.  Finishing "Peter Cottontail"
3.  Finishing "Bunny Hop"
4.  Basted 13 little quilts for hand quilting
5.  Completed 45 Shoo Fly blocks and cut out "parts" for many more
6.  Completed 22 30's basket blocks, 18 to swap and 6 to keep and cut out the white parts for several dozen more
7.  Pieced May's Schnibbles quilt - "A Gentle Art"

I didn't piece any Civil War Diary blocks as I was too busy with other things, so that goal will move to June.  Since so many other things are happening I'm changing it to one row instead of two.  I'm determined to do that much for sure, so it will be my first goal.

I didn't do anything with my 12 Dear Jane blocks, as my mind keeps coming up with new ideas as to how to set them.  So I'm tucking that project away for now until I can settle on one idea.

I did finish knitting a pair of socks while we were camping.  I've pulled another partially finished pair from my projects basket which I should have no trouble finishing in June.  It is the same pattern as the May pair, so I can knit them from memory rather than depending on a chart.  We are going camping for 5 days in June, and knitting is a great camping project.

Spinning - well, both wheels are in the living room, both have partially filled bobbins with remaining fiber draped over the top of each one.  I've not touched either wheel since the last week in April.  I'm not concerned - right now my quilting mojo is MUCH stronger than my spinning mojo.  I know I'll get back to spinning, but I'm not sure just when.  Certainly in July if not before, when Ravelry will once again host the "Tour de Fleece".  This is a time when hundreds and hundreds of spinners make beautiful yarn while watching the Tour de France.  I spun several pounds last year during the Tour, and should be able to do the same this year.

That brings me to the final goal - book reorganization.  The floor in the family room is still covered with knitting books and bags of paperbacks.  Two shelves of paperbacks have yet to be put into bags.  I'm waiting for my DH to bring the bags downstairs and put them in the car so I can give away the books.  I've reminded him several times, but there they sit.  He's the one who spends the most time in that room so they obviously don't bother him.  And I've been too busy quilting to nag him about.  It will happen eventually, but I'm going to stop thinking about it.

All in all, I'm quite happy with what I accomplished in May.

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