Friday, May 31, 2013

Three down, four to go

I'm hoping to finish the blocks for the second row of Civil War Diary today.  Yesterday and this morning I finished these three blocks.  Since the last four are fairly complicated paper piecing I probably won't finish today, but I'm going to try.

2-3:  Feeding the Rebels

2-4:  Draft Threat (sounds like the 1960's to me!)

2-5:  Southern Notes
Yesterday I did some reading about my "early history" with this quilt (blogs are GREAT for doing that!).  While working on this again, I've been wondering why I'd skipped around the book so much.  And why I'd made blocks from both this book and "Civil War Love Letters" at the same time.  Skipping around is particularly not like me - it goes against my "organizational gene".

The answer was very interesting!  Apparently Kathie suggested we work on these together, and see who else in Blogland would be interested in joining us.  We were going to make one quilt, combining blocks from both books.  Apparently there were several bloggers who joined us - enough that we even created a "blog ring" for the project.  Our goal was a block a day, and those participating took turns choosing the blocks to be done each week.  We did a mix of easy and difficult blocks to start with, but soon started choosing easier blocks so those who were behind could catch up.

The ring is long gone, and the list of participants is gone too.  I wonder if any of them ever finished their quilt?  I wonder if some of them are even quilting and blogging any more?  I know Darlene was participating, but I've no idea if she reads my blog anymore.  (I lost so many readers when I stopped blogging for awhile - my fault!) When I need a break I think I'll go back to the comments left on those old posts and do some sleuthing.  In the meantime, I need to get back to the machine to work on the next block!


mereth said...

I kept your blog on my reader, just in case you ever did start posting again, and I was so pleased when you did.It's hard to keep several interests going at the same time, but I'm just as keen to read about your knitting and spinning- just blog about whatever you like and we'll read it...

Maureen said...

Holy cow..a block every day? I started on both of those quilts, planning on a block a week, and didn't even keep that pace up. Someday they will get done, but until then, I am finding plenty of projects to keep me busy.

swooze said...

You. Are making quite the comeback! Love all your blocks and projects for that matter.