Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday - Part 2

Please visit Kim's blog to see what other Scrap Basket Sunday participants have been up to today!

I machine stitched the binding on a little quilt today, then spent the rest of the day making shoo fly blocks.  I stitched together 29 new blocks - all the blocks I cut out last Sunday while Miss Feather was at hospital.  This gives me a total of 54 blocks - 23 negative and 21 positive.  Now that I've determined how many blocks I'll need, I'm making as many as I can from each fabric pairing, rather then a set of two like I was doing the first couple weeks.

It is a good thing these go together quickly - and a good thing I have a large basket of scraps!

Miss Feather is so happy to be home she is purring like a kitten.  And I'm so happy to have her back - I don't know which of us is happier!  The loaner featherweight from Kim is a good machine, but she just doesn't have the same touch.  I think she was programmed in hospital to slow WAY down when approaching a pin, as that's what she is doing now.  A repeat injury is not to be desired!

Come back here tomorrow to see all the "shoo flys" up on the design wall.  I am too tired to put them up tonight.

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Donna said...

Yep, way too much British Telly for you!!!