Monday, May 6, 2013

Another is complete

No Scrap Basket Sunday for me yesterday.  I really wanted to finish my hand quilting. Besides, without my best girl - who is still in the shop - I couldn't piece.  I could have cut a bunch of blocks from my scraps, but I'm afraid they would get mixed up on my cluttered sewing table.  So I focused on hand quilting, which I finished around 10:00 p.m.  This morning I did the binding.  There is no label yet, as the backing is too dark to write on, but I'll take care of that soon.

I think the dark binding frames this nicely - I like it better than I did before it was bound.  Between one jelly roll strip and what I had left from a matching piece in the "dessert roll" was just enough to squeeze out a narrow, single-fold binding.  I'm glad of that, as I really wanted to bind this with a print from the collection.

This sideways shot, taken without flash, is the best picture I could get of the quilting.  It isn't up to my usual standards - I'm very much out of practice, but it will do.  I'm just thrilled to be hand quilting again.  Five years ago arthritis was making the process almost too painful, so I quit.  I guess the rest really helped my hands.  I did this with no pain at all - other than a little from my sore fingers.

I still need to give the quilt a bath and a final blocking to make it lie flat and straight.  But first I need to get dressed.  I was in too much of a hurry to finish this to do so before now LOL!

I have seven more little quilts to baste, so that's what I'm back to doing.  (And taking cleaning breaks - the need for those never seems to end.)  I hope to have all the basting finished when my girl comes home next week.  I have many piecing goals for May!


sewkalico said...

Yay! A beautiful finish. Well done!

betweens said...

Bravo I just love it!! and the hand quilting was sure worth the finger posting earlier!! good work Patti again i love it!

Sandy said...

You may not read this because by now its down in the archives... but I want to say that your hand quilting looks just fine to me. So refreshing to see hand quilting - I love it! Oh and I love the quilt, too. Good luck with your arthritis!

Raewyn said...

It is lovely - a gorgeous finish! I love the look of hand quilting like this but it is something I have never been brave enough to try!