Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The quilt affectionately known as "Baseball Quilt"

 Edited to add new, clearer pictures.

As I was adding to the new page of "Finished Quilts" last night, I realized that a significant quilt was missing.  So I went back through my blog looking for a picture of it.  Lots of pictures of the "progress", but nothing since it was finished.  I looked in my photo folders - nothing since it was finished. I finally realized that I wasn't blogging much when I finished it, and for some strange reason I never posted the finish.  I knew I had pictures of it somewhere, and this morning I finally realized I'd taken them with my phone.

Here it is - Blue and Yellow Tulips - which I affectionately call the "Baseball Quilt".  Strange name you say?  I call it that because I was doing the applique during the height of the Seattle Mariners winning baseball seasons.  The brown stems and cutting out the flowers one season, the blue leaves another season, the yellow tulips a third season.  

The original design is by Terri Christopherson  of Black Mountain Quilts.  My quilt is four times larger than the original because I wanted a bed quilt.  Sharon of Momma Made It (my favorite quilt shop) in Longview, WA, made it for a shop sample, and I bought four kits.  I also added a bunch of backgrounds, blues and yellows from my stash so there are at least 200 or more fabrics total.

My machine quilter Val, who has unfortunately retired, did a fabulous job with the quilting.  I think you can see the quilting if you enlarge the pictures.  I began this quilt during the spring of 1999, and finished it in November of 2011.  It graces our bed during the spring and summer every year. I love this quilt, and feel it is one of the best I've ever done.


Pam P said...

All of your hard work really paid off - this is so beautiful! Blue and yellow have been a longtime favorite color combo. I just love this :) And I love it that it's on a bed!!

Elaine said...

2001 must have been a great year for working on that quilt. It looks lovely.

MarshaB said...

Beautiful quilt! Great springtime colors. Love Momma Made It shop too!

Angie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous quilt

Kigwit said...

seriously gorgeous quilt. I love the yellow and blue together-just don't see that very often. You are so talented!