Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I had my seam ripper ready

Which was a good thing.  Once again quilter's dyslexia struck again so the "reverse sewing machine" got a workout.  I took a picture of the blocks on the design wall, and checked it often.  Each time I was sure I knew which block came next, or which block was horizontal and which was vertical, I turned out to be wrong.  I need to develop the habit of checking the picture before every seam LOL!

I'm pleased with this top and I'm eager to get it finished.  Not today, however.  It is time I stopped sewing long enough to get some chores done.  Knitting guild is tonight, and I'm bringing some of the refreshments.  A trip to the grocery is in order.

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Doreen B said...

I love this one and have one ready as well. Looking forward to seeng how you will finish it. I stitched mine by hand.