Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More pages

I've finally gotten around to "populating" the extra blog pages I made back in February.  I've not labeled any of the pictures yet, and there are many pictures I've not yet loaded to each page. But it is a start.  Feel free to take a look, or wait awhile until I get things labeled.  Don't know when that will be however (VBG).

The "Finished Quilts" page speaks for itself.  As I finish each quilt now pictured on the "Finished Tops" page, I'll remove its picture there are put a new picture on the "Finished Quilts" page.  This will (hopefully) be another motivation to get these finished!

These pages are mostly pictures, so if you are on dial up you probably won't be able to load them - or it will take forever.  I'm sorry about that - I wish there was a way to divide them into multiple posts but I guess that isn't possible.

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