Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good bye 2010

Our daughter has been scanning all of our slides. I've not yet received copies of most of them, but she did send this one a few days ago. These are my parents - it's a great picture of both of them. It was taken in 1967 at Vantage, which is on the Columbia River in eastern Washington. I love this picture.

I can hardly believe that this year is almost gone. It seems like every year goes by faster than the one before. However, the last 12 days have gone slowly.
I had a bunionectomy on Friday December 17 - both the big toe and little toe on my left foot. Not the best time to do it, but I needed Fred at home to take care of me for the first two weeks. So Christmas vacation it was. He goes back to school next Monday and I'm on my own. The first week was spent on my back with my foot above my heart. The second week was spent in the recliner with my foot elevated. Both weeks included icing every hour. Being waited on hand and foot was most unusual, to say the least. Also eating frozen meals twice a day. Gets very tiring! I'm mobile in that I have a knee scooter for moving around the house, but I can't drive until the end of January - that's when I can start putting weight on the foot. The scooter is lots of fun. I need to have Fred take a picture of me! Needless to say I've not been taking any pictures myself. It's also time to set my goals for 2011. I'll do that tomorrow. I know they will include knitting lots of socks, as well as making granddaughter Emily's quilt. Guess I'd better resolve to get back to regular blogging also!