Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kathie made me do it!

This is just a beginning.

April Goals

I'm reminding myself to be more realistic.

1.  Finish Emily's Quilt
2.  Complete book reorganization - including the mess upstairs.
3.  Spin what I need for Hood River Fiber Festival
4.  Reorganize my fabric stash.

I found it increasingly frustrating to have the colors of my Jo Morton fabrics all mixed together.  (Yes, my new project is another for Jo's Little Women Club."  It got to the point yesterday where I couldn't stand it any longer.  Half of that reorganization is now finished, and I'm so much happier with how the shelf looks.  I think I can find what I want here!  I still have Jo fabrics all over the floors and table but they will get back on the shelves in the next few days.

Of course now that I've started, I won't stop until every shelf is neat and organized and all colors are together.  This will probably take the next week or two.

Edited to add:  the Jo Morton fabrics - three shelves of them - are all in place.  Much easier to find something this way!

5.  Complete Jo's Four Patch.  This is probably all the sewing I'll allow myself until everything else gets done.  At least that is my plan!)

6.  Finish one pair of socks (should be easy to do as I'm going on a knitting retreat next weekend).

7.  Make progress on my hand quilting.

I think these are more realistic.  At least I hope so.  If I complete them all I will turn my attention to the longarm.  If not, then Gandalf will go at the head of the list of goals for May.

I think I bit off . . . .

more than I could chew, as my mother would have said, when I set my March goals.  I accomplished some, but quite a few are unfinished.  Over half of them.  I'm going to be more realistic from now on.

Goals I accomplished:

4.  I called the book reorganization finished because everything has been taken upstairs.  However, there are still many sacks upstairs full of books to donate, plus lots of romance novels still on the shelves.  I'm going to look at the bright side - everything I wanted to move from the sewing room is now on shelves next door in the computer room.  That's why I called it finished.  While making the move I decided I needed to simplify my book arrangement, which I just started yesterday.  That shouldn't be hard to finish in April.

5.  I have my ironing table and design wall cleared off for use.  This was essential, and was the first goal I finished this month.

7.  All four of the quilted quilts are now bound (but don't have labels yet - whoops!).  That was another important goal to finish this month.

9.  Finish one pair of socks.  I hoped to finish more than one, but I'm satisfied.

I could have accomplished more, but I got sidetracked by sewing.  ( That happens a lot.)  So I accomplished other things - just not goals.

What didn't happen:

1. & 2.  The longarm is still waiting for attention.  I've had to move many, many fleeces, etc. into that room to find fiber I must spin for a class I'm taking in a couple weeks.  I don't know why I keep postponing this - probably because I'm totally un-mechanical and am not looking forward to spending the hours this will require.  I find other things to do instead.

3.  Emily's quilt isn't finished.  This I'm not happy with.  I should have finished it this month.  The good news is that I've found the quilt backing fabric.  My first goal for April will be to finish it.  I'm going to take it to another longarm quilter this week.

6.  The Civil War diaries quilt got a little attention this month - sashing was chosen and the first row was sewn together.  I decided to sew a little quilt instead of making these blocks.  I'm OK with that.

7.  Emma's quilt is progressing - slowly.  It is the handwork I do at my Tangled Threads weekly meeting.  As long as it is progressing I'm satisfied.  But I'd like to have it done in April.

10.  I finished spinning 4 oz of fiber and started spinning another 4 oz.  I've not yet figured out a good monthly spinning goal.  I seem to be spinning only when I'm with my spinning friends - not doing any here at home right now.

So - I'm OK with not finishing 3 of my goals.  I'm not OK with not finishing the other two.  I'm definitely keeping that in mind when I write my April goals.

A special message for each of you

Please click HERE to see my message to you, my faithful readers.

Be sure your speakers are turned on.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to cutting . . . .

since I'm feeling better today.  Thanks for the feel good wishes you sent.

And a huge thank you to Jo C. who sent me a check to help pay for give away postage.  I really appreciate that Jo!

I'm continuing to cut for the new quilt - almost done now.  I should finish today.

I'm cutting extras of almost everything so I can replenish my "parts" boxes.  I know why I never used what I had before - it was all OLD fabric that I really didn't like anymore.  I gave all those OLD scraps for charity quilts.  Now I'm calling them "spare parts" since they really aren't scraps.  So far I've eliminated two fabrics from my shelves.  A small beginning but a beginning nevertheless. 

So far the boxes are labeled 1 1/2" squares, 2" squares, 2 1/2" squares, 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" bricks, and small strings.  As I organize fabric and cut out more quilts I'll fill the boxes.  It will be like having shelves of "quilt kits".

Yesterday I spent the day on the couch going through two shelves of quilt history books.  I used 3 packages of Post-It page markers.  Lots and lots of new ideas are percolating in my brain.  I had a great time even though I didn't feel up to sewing.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

1. Waking up feeling almost well
2. Waking up to blue sky and sun streaming through the window
3. A golf tournament keeping DH happily engaged away from home for the day

Friday, March 29, 2013

My work in the sewing room . . . .

has come to a screeching halt as I've been under the weather the last couple days.  I went to bed at 4:00 p.m. yesterday and got up at 10:00 this morning.   I hope this bug doesn't last long!

So . . . new plans for today.  I'm going to be on the couch in front of the fire, reading quilt history books and hand quilting.  I'm making good progress on "Emma's Quilt" - maybe I can finish it in the next few days.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pressing, cutting, pressing, cutting . . . .

I love to play with fabrics.
Lots and lots of squares
Inspirational reading . . . .

What should I make now?  So many ideas, so much fabric, I think I'll just play for awhile.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

1.  A birthday lunch with knitting friends
2.  A steaming cup of English Breakfast tea with milk
3.  My husband's renewed health

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's been a long time since I pieced a little quilt

Update:  A huge thank you to Dorothy who suggested "Butterscotch Stars".  My father's favorite flavor was butterscotch.  So, Dad, I'm thinking of you and naming this quilt "Butterscotch Stars".

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Why have I waited so long?  This was like eating peanut butter chocolate cheesecake - every moment pure pleasure.  I'm going to focus on little quilts in between working on my WISP's.  This was so much fun to do.

13 1/2" X 17 7/8"
Regan commented that she wouldn't have thought to use this background fabric.  Jo designed "Bittersweet Stars" to be a Christmas quilt.  When I saw that holly fabric in my Jo stash, which I don't remember ever seeing before, it told me it was the perfect choice.

This one needs hand quilting for sure.  I need to shift a bunch of my fiber stash to get to my Blue Ribbon quilt batting so I can begin.  I guess I'll be shifting fiber this afternoon.

I need a name for this quilt - any suggestions?  It is speaking to me but is keeping its name a secret for now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The blocks are finished

I had time to sew more after I got home from spinning, so was able to finish the blocks.  I'm fine with the setting fabric now - I've learned to reserve my judgement until most if not all the blocks are finished.

I'm going to play with the block arrangement for a bit before I sew it all together.  Jo Morton didn't put a border on her Bittersweet Stars, but I might decide to put one on mine.

A little progress . . . .

I've had very little time to sew today.  Tonight is our monthly Vancouver Handspinners meeting.  I need to find fiber, bobbin, etc. and get my wheel ready so it is time to stop sewing.  I do like the way this little quilt is developing.



1.  An evening to spend with amazing, inspirational spinning friends
2.  Gluten-free buns at Burgerville
3.  Wonderfully fresh vegetables to roast

Sorting by color

My friend Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts has been sorting and straightening her fabric stash.  We have been friends for quite a few years, though we've never met "in real life".  She lives in New England, and I live in the Pacific Northwest, so we have an entire continent between us.  The pictures she's posted lately are the first ones I've seen of her fabric stash.  We are alike in so many ways, and her stash is definitely equal to mine.  ( I really think it is bigger, but I'm giving her the benefit of doubt here LOL!)

Much of my fabric is sorted by color, which makes it easy to pull pieces when I'm making a quilt by "color".  The majority of these fabrics are my older - much older - fabrics.  I still like them all, will still use them, but many don't fit with the "19th Century eras" I'm so drawn to.

I have plenty of blues, greens, blacks, beiges, tans, lights, pinks and browns.  I have fewer yellows and oranges, but still a fair selection.  I'm sadly lacking in purples, having only a small stack of fat quarters.  That's OK - I don't go to these parts of the shelves much.

All my plaids and stripes are grouped together too, as you saw in this post.  My 30's and 40's fabrics are together in baskets in the closets.

Reproductions by everybody else
Jo Morton Fabrics
I think it is time I follow Kathie's example and get these arranged by color.  So much easier, don't you think?  So that is my next organization project - which I will (hopefully) do this weekend.  But first I want to finish Jo's Bittersweet Stars.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I got to sew today!

It seems like so long since I sat at the machine to sew.  It felt so good to accomplish something today, other than finishing ironing my fabric purchases, even if it didn't amount to very much.

I cut dozens of 2" x 6 1/2" strips from the Civil War Diary sashing I bought on Friday, and then sewed the first row together.  I love the way it looks spread across the top of the design wall.  ( I should have cropped the picture, but I was eager to get today's post written.)  If you enlarge the picture you can see the blocks much better.

  The close-up shows the first two blocks of the second row.  I need to decide on fabrics for the corner stones next so I can sew the between-rows sashing.  I still have lots of blocks to make, but this makes me feel that a quilt top can't be THAT far away.

After dinner I gave myself permission to start a new project - a small one - as a reward for all the UFO work I did the last 6 weeks.  The quilt I chose is called "Bittersweet Stars", and is from year 9 of Jo Morton's "Little Women's Club".  The quilt finishes at 13 1/4" x 17 1/2".  The tiny blocks, which are set on point with alternate plain squares, finish at 3".  They are lots of fun to do, but make the CWD blocks seem huge by comparison!

All the pieces are cut out, and I'm working on the "hourglass" star points.  I had to finish one block, however, so I could see what the quilt will look like.  I think I like it but I'm not sure. Do you think the alternate squares are too dark?  Maybe I need to finish more blocks before decide.  What do you think?  Do you think they are too dark?

It's 11:13 pm - I wish I could sew more blocks instead of going to bed!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

1.  Leftovers for dinner give me more sewing time.
2.  A perfect spring day - warm, blue sky with clouds, and flowers blooming everywhere
3.  Hot cocoa with whipped cream on top.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fabric stashes - and a shopping trip

This morning I was catching up on blog reading, and came across this post.  What fun - I love to look at fabric stashes!  After checking out the entries I decided to enter my own stash.  I will certainly not get may votes if people vote for messy - there is one picture that makes me shudder.  I need to help that quilter organize her stash!  I think I'll get votes from those people going for size. 

It would be great if you vote for my stash, but even better if you enter a picture of your own stash.  I really don't need to win - I have more than enough quilt books - but I'd love to think one of my readers might win for a picture of her or his own stash.

So get out your camera and take a picture - no matter what your stash looks like.  Post it on your blog too - just for kicks and giggles.

Here is what mine looks like this morning.  Click on the picture for the full (gasp!) effect.

What doesn't show - because it is on the floor behind the cutting table - is this mess.  Here we have my vacation purchases plus the results of a little "shopping trip" I took yesterday.  I hope to start washing and ironing these today.

Here in Vancouver we are right across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, where one of the biggest fabric stores ever is located.  I'd not been there for over two years.  They are currently having their famous "30% off of everything" sale, so it was time for a trip.

Do I hear you thinking, "what about the no-buy pledge?"  Looks like I failed, right?  Well, you can see three large pieces - 24 yards total - to use for sashings, etc. with Civil War Diary and Civil War Love Letters.  Two quilts, three pieces - I have to have a choice, right?  The fat quarter and fat eighth pack, as well as the dessert roll, are French General fabrics to supplement what I bought on vacation.  I like scrappy, so of course I needed to supplement!  Yes, there are a few other fabrics in there too, but not many - just some new seasonings to bring the stash up to date.

You are right - I AM the queen of rationalization!  Now back to the pledge . . . we'll see how long I can stick to it.

Of course I had to cruise through the notions aisles to see what new gadgets were available as well as replenish my supplies.  After all, 30% off doesn't come all that often.

I've always wanted to make a Pickle Dish quilt, but shuddered at hand cutting all those tiny pieces.  Look what I found!  I didn't need Double Wedding Ring templates, but they are necessary for use with the three Pickle Dish triangle templates.  I can hardly wait to start on this - my scraps will all be cut into little triangles for some time to come.

The other purchases aren't exciting but needed - new rotary blades, needle threader, and Thread Heaven.  A bottle of Fray Check that isn't half solidified.  And a 1/4" bias tape maker for all those little stems in applique.  Finally, a large bottle of Retayne to use when I wash quilts that include jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes, etc.

I shuddered when I paid the total, but kept telling myself it was so much less than it would have been without the sale.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My October socks are finished!

These were cast onto the needles on October 1, 2012.  They are the Mystery Sock pattern for October from the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry.  Mystery socks are similar to mystery quilts in that the knitters are given a clue a week for four weeks.

The first clue was the cuff and first two textures in the leg.  The second clue was the third leg texture, the heel flap and the heel turn .  The third clue was the instep gusset and beginning of the foot.  The fourth clue was the rest of the foot and the toe.

In order to qualify for prizes the socks must be done, photographed showing both socks, and posted to the month's mystery thread by the end of the following month.  In this case that was November 30, 2012.

I chose orange for October, and a tweed blend because I love tweeds.  The plan was to have these finished before my surgery on November 27th.  But we all know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men . . . .

I was just a short way into the sock feet at the time of surgery.  I was OK'd to use little sock needles at the end of February.  It feels so good to have these finally done!


1.  Spending the afternoon with our kids and grandkids celebrating Joseph's sixth birthday.

2.  A glass of late harvest Riesling for dessert tonight.

3.  A finished pair of socks!

I need to pay better attention . . . .

For some time I've been wishing Blogger offered the option of creating more than one page in a blog.  I used Word Press to develop a blog for my little quilt guile almost 4 years  ago, and loved the fact that I could create a dozen or more pages to cover different guild activities.

Apparently Blogger added this some time in the past, and I didn't discover it until this morning.  I've created and named a couple new pages, but haven't figured out yet how to "tell" a post on which page it should appear.   So I'm writing this one - intending to put it on the "home" page, and I'll find out in a minute if that happens automatically or if I'm given a choice.

In case I fail, if you know how this works, please leave me a comment explaining it to me.  Thanks!


I created new pages just fine.  I thought I could put multiple entries on each of those pages in the same way I do on the home page.  If that is possible I can't figure out how to do that.  Right now I can keep updating the single entry but that's it.  Has anyone figured out how to put multiple entries on pages other than the home page?

Friday, March 22, 2013

A funny sight

At least I think it is funny.  This is how the shower in the little bathroom looks at the moment.

Most of my socks are made from superwash yarn, but I still hand wash them.  I want them to last a long time as many hours of knitting are represented here.  (This is by no means all the socks I've knit.  I still have some in the drawer and none of my husband's are here.)  So I wash them by hand.  It takes very little time, and it is time well spent to me.

We don't use this shower, so I put in the tension rods so I could hang my washed handspun yarn to dry after it is "finished".  They make a perfect drying rack for other things too!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Congratulations to all of you who won! 

Please send me your full name and address ASAP so I can get these into the mail.  A big thank you to everyone for participating!  I don't require any of the winners to reimburse me for postage.  It would be a nice gesture, but only if you can afford to do so.

Foundation patterns and stencils - #1 - Jeanne at Spiral

Hooked Mats - #2 - Regan at  Floating on a Quilted Cloud

Patterns suitable for Iron-on Applique - #4 - Grace at City Mouse Quilter

Folk Art Patterns - #5 - Ann J at PHDChallenge

Six Applique and Piecing Patterns - #8 - Betweens at Patchwork Sanity

Texas Baltimore Album - #4 - Swooze at  Swooze's Quilts and Tall Tales

12 Days of Christmas - #3 - Gayle at The Middle Sister

Floral Applique - #4 - Doreen B. - no blog

Hometown USA - #3 - Carol no blog

Applique Magazine Patterns - #1 - Julierose at Julierose Quilts
                                                 #2 -  Pam P no blog

Pieced Magazine Patterns - # 4 - Jo C. no blog
                                            #12 - Maureen no blog
                                            #  8 - Leah Spencer at Leah's Garden

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Computer-aided dyeing and a plain vanilla sock pattern = a fabulous pair of socks.  A pair like this goes so fast I can whip through it in only 2-3 days.  I love hand knit socks!

Red Heart "Heart and Sole" yarn, 2.5 mm needles (size 1.5).  This yarn can be found at most craft stores like JoAnn's, is quite inexpensive, comes in beautiful colors, and wears like iron.

Good morning!

Give away news . . .

I've had great responses to my giveaways.  And guess what I discovered?  When I have stacks of magazine pages and patters on my cutting table and ironing surface I have no room to sew!  This will never do.  Even if I'm organizing instead of sewing.

So  . . . I'm moving the drawing up to Thursday - tomorrow - at 11:00.  I'm hoping I can have everything out of the sewing room and off to the post office by the end of the day on Friday.  I'm not going to worry about readers who check in only once a week or so.

Good news!  I eliminated 3 linear feet of 3-ring binder space on my bookshelves.  All my printed knitting patterns - both those I've printed from Ravelry and the Internet and those I've bought in yarn shops - are nicely organized in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.  I'm thrilled!

Have a lovely day everyone!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

1.  A lovely day spent with spinning friends, resulting in a beautiful bobbin of spun singles
2.  The world's best grandson who turned 6 years old yesterday.
3.  A rescued pair of socks well on their way to being finished.
4.  A bowl of steaming, steel-cut oatmeal with brown sugar and almond milk
5.  A retired hubby who has taken on all the weeding in the flower beds

Monday, March 18, 2013

Daily Gratitudes

One thing I used to do was list my daily gratitudes at the end of each daily post.  It always gave me such a good feeling to do that.  I believe in focusing on the good in life, which isn't always easy.  Spellcheck says there is no such word as "gratitude", which I think is silly.  We all have so many things in life to be grateful for if we just take the time to look.

I've missed doing that, so today is as good a time as any to revive that practice.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

1. A wonderful evening spend with our daughter, our son-in-law, and our grandson.  They bring such joy to our lives!
2.  Sharing with my wonderful quilty friends all around the world.
3.  A riot of spring color in our front yard - bulbs and shrubs blooming everywhere.

If you are interested in more than one of the giveaways

Please put a comment on each post that you are interested in.  If that means you post a bunch of times that's OK.  It's the only way I can keep things straight for the drawings, and figure out who wants what.

Thanks for understanding.

And I repeat - apparently it is necessary - many of you don't realize you are "no reply" on Blogger.  That is the default.  Please check, and put your email address in the comment if needed.  You can't with if I can't contact you.

Good luck everyone!

The last of the giveaways - I promise!

This is for the huge stack of pieced patterns from magazines - I will split it into either two or three piles so you have more than one chance to win.  You can see a picture of the stack here - it is the second picture down.

Leave me a comment by Sunday, March 24th, if you'd like to win some of these.

The large stack of applique patterns from magazines

I can fit these into one box, so they will go to one lucky quilter.  You can see the picture of the stack here - it's the third picture down. Sorry the picture is so dark.  Believe me, there are a lot of wonderful patterns here.

I will leave this drawing open until Sunday, March 24th.  Please leave a comment if you'd like to win these.

Do you love house quilts?

Many quilters do.  This large pack of patterns will make one beautiful house quilt or provide designs for many smaller items.

Post a comment if you love to make houses.  This drawing will stay open until March 24.

Do you like floral applique quilts?

If so, leave me a comment by Sunday, March 24th, for a chance to win this large pack of patterns.

Start celebrating Christmas now

This is a large pattern pack for this lovely "Twelve Days of Christmas" quilt.  It may have been designed in 1992, but it is still lovely today.

Leave a comment if you'd like to make this for your Christmas.

Texas-style Baltimore Album Quilt pattern giveaway

This Baltimore Album type quilt was designed by quilters in Texas for their opportunity quilt.  This is a beautiful pattern - even if you don't live in Texas.

Please leaved a comment if you'd like to win this.  The drawing will stay open until Sunday, March 24th.

Six applique patterns - 5 include piecing

If you love to applique then I'm sure at least one of these patterns will appeal to you.  You can pass any that don't along to your quilty friends.

This drawing will remain open until Sunday, March 24th.

You know what you need to do. VBG

Four folk art patterns - plus two more = 6!

Suitable for both regular and iron-on applique.  Easy piecing makes the star quilt - great for a fast baby quilt.

This drawing will remain open until Sunday, March 24th.  Please leave a comment if you'd like to win.

Edited to add:

I completely forgot that this package will also include 2 Jan Patek patterns.  They are for the "Five Hearts" quilt and this flag quilt. 

Five patterns all suitable for iron-on applique

Also suitable for regular applique.  Some also include simple piecing and/or stitchery.

I will leave this drawing open until Sunday, March 24th.

Leave a comment on this post if you'd like to win.  Include your email address if it doesn't show on Blogger.

Give away - two patterns for hooked mats

I didn't become a rug hooker.  To much space required and too much money.  And I didn't need another hobby.

It made me sad, because I really wanted to do this.

I have two patterns for various hooked mats to give away.  So please tell your hooker friends about this give away.  I've found fellow quilters are often hookers also LOL!

This giveaway is open until Sunday, March 24th.

Please leave a comment on this post, and be sure to include your email address if needed.

Two foundation patterns to give away

I will do this drawing Sunday, March 24th.

Both of these include paper foundations and both have never been used.

 I'm also including 8 stencils to mark foundations for small blocks.  I've used them many times, and they work very well.
I welcome international readers to enter also - I learned today that shipping printed material overseas isn't as costly as I thought it would be.  (Shipping boxes and fabric is something else!)

Please leave a comment on this post to enter - and make sure I have your email address so you can win!

I have two more winners!

The Schnibbles book goes to Kathryn.  Congratulations!  It looks like Kathryn doesn't have a blog of her own, but she participates in three different group blogs.

The giant stack of piecing plus applique patterns goes to Miz Karen.  Apparently Karen doesn't have a blog either, but she follows many blogs and regularly comments on mine.  Congratulations Karen!

A huge thank you to everyone who commented on the previous post.  I really appreciate your input.

I've decided to continue with the giveaways.  I'm going to do some combining of the commercial patterns to speed up the process and lessen the number of packages I need to mail.  I will be dividing the magazine stacks into baches as needed so each fits into a priority mail box.  Stay tuned to the blog for details.

VERY IMPORTANT:  In order to win a giveaway I MUST be able to contact you.  Several people who commented on the last two giveaways have no email on their Blogger Profile.  This means they are "no-reply" and I have no way to contact them.

PLEASE:  Check your Blogger profile to make sure your email address shows.  Many of you don't realize you are set to "no reply".  I hate for people to lose out because I can't contact them.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Help! I'm in a quandary and undecided as to what to do.

I'm continuing my purge, which is turning out to be HUGE.  A very large portion of my files are no longer of interest to me.  My quilting has evolved in two directions - primitive and reproductions, both piecing and applique.  I have so many wonderful patterns that I can no longer use.  They are still great patterns!  Some are dated but could easily be updated with current fabrics.

I don't know what to do with these.  Please comment telling me what you think I should do.  You can answer even if you aren't interested in any of them.

There seems to be very little interest in the stack of patterns combining piecing and applique, which is now 3 1/2" tall.  So far I have a total of 6 comments on this post.  The stack is tall enough that I can easily divide it into two prizes, which I will probably do before I do the "drawing" tomorrow.

This is my two-fold problem:

1.  Since the first stack I offered drew so little interest, should I even bother offering the others as a prize?  Will more people be interested in straight applique or straight piecing?  Or should I just toss them into the recycle bin?  What about the stack of professional patterns?  Might they draw more interest or should I just take them to the thrift shop?

2.  The postage is going to really add up if I give all of these away.  Is it unreasonable to suggest that people consider sending me a little to cover postage?  I would make it strictly optional, because I love the idea that these may go to quilters who have no money for patterns and thus no money for postage either.  Winners could use PayPal to send their optional reimbursement.

I think I'm almost done, but I still have to go through the bottom drawer.  Here is what is sitting on my ironing surface at the moment.

Pieced patterns - 6" tall
Applique patterns - 4" tall

Commercial patterns I'd offer individually - almost 8" tall.
I need my work spaces back.  I need to see the last of these so I can move forward.

Please let me know what you think I should do?  Thanks everyone!