Friday, March 15, 2013

More early quilts - all donated to charity

This quilt was a very fast project using only two fabrics.  The pattern was from an old Quiltmaker magazine.  I hunted for a good long while before I found the perfect two fabrics.  Pieced in 1992, it wasn't finished until 2005 when I could quilt it on my longarm.  I know this one was sent to New Orleans for a hurricane victim.

A Double Irish Chain pieced for a class sample in 1992 and not finished until 2008.  I hand quilted the white spaces in this one.  I loved having the large white spaces for a fancy pattern I could do in a contrasting color (you can see this if you click on the first picture).  Then I loaded it onto the longarm to quilt through the chains by machine.  I no longer have this quilt.  I'm almost certain I donated it to the last Northwest Medical Teams quilt auction.

I made this quilt to donate to Quilt Pink in 2006.  All the fabrics in it were old - from the 1980's and early 1990's.  Every one in our small guild made blocks to donate to the effort.  I fell in love with piecing this "Disappearing Nine Patch" and pieced enough to make an entire quilt plus more.  While machine quilting I accidently tore a hole through the entire thing.  Thus a scattering of hearts on the front, and one lone heart on the back covering the back side of the hole.

This is another early effort, pieced in 1993.  Called "Road to California", it is from an old That Patchwork Place book -  I think it was called "Stars and Stepping Stones".  Finished in 2005, it was also sent to New Orleans for hurricane relief.

The last is called "Stars and Stepping Stones", and was made from a Pat Sloan pattern in 2004.  Finished in 2008, I donated it to charity, but I didn't record which one.  I'm showing a picture of the back, so you can see how I created many quilt backs by using fabrics that no longer fit my "style".

It is a lot of fun visiting these old quilts.  I can see how much my skills and fabric choices have grown over the years.  I cringe when I look at some of them now, but know each one served as a step in my development as a quilter.  I was happy to donate them to charity.  Each was donated the year it was finished.


Vicki said...

They are all lovely but my favorite is the double Irish Chain - and the hand stitching in the white centres is a nice touch. I too have bought items twice though not quilting books - novels yes, and quilting patterns, and even 1 template - usually means someone is getting a gift or goodie bag.

betweens said...

These are all wonderful quilts and to give them to charity I know they will be appreciated.
Geesh you are really purging!

Kathie said...

fun to look back and see the older quilts you have made and I am sure have been loved by the recipients.

sewkalico said...

I think your quilt journey is a great one. I love the pieced back and the hearts - all part of your quilting adventures!