Friday, March 15, 2013

You think I'm organized . . .

Take a look at this quilter's system.  It puts mine to shame!  She obviously has lots of space, which certainly helps.  Space isn't an organization requirement - unless you can't control your shopping urges (raising my hand here and blushing in shame) - but it helps.  So does money, though this quilter has picked up much of what she has at bargain prices.  A system is what is needed, and each person knows how much of a system he or she can live with.  I've organized sewing rooms for my friends, but they don't stay that way because they aren't comfortable with that much organization.

This quilter has four different posts about organization.  Here are all the links.  I got some great ideas while reading these posts, and I'm very eager to put them to use. Here name is Teresa and she lives in Michigan.

Even if you don't crave organization take a look - you will be astounded by the pictures alone!  Also take a look at her blog, which is NOT where the organization posts are located. 

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Stash Organization

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Vicki said...

Thanks, Patti - these will be very helpful as I'm in the market for more tips. I just posted pictures of my sewing room this morning showing my meager attempts at sorting and creating areas. I have a great ocean view from my window (not evident in photos) and I love my room but it still needs work:)

Dorothy said...

I had a look at the other blog with her organising. With all the bins, folding, writing up journals, blogging, does she ever find time to just sew? I thought it was a bit clinical.