Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To wash or not to wash . . . .?

I have always washed my fabric as soon as it comes into the house.  It has never gone into the sewing room without being washed first.  I followed the good advice given by a very well known professional quilter - I'd link to the article but I can't find it now!

That was before charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes and scrap grab bags entered my quilting life.  I would spend a great deal of time and possibly have an outright disaster if I tried to wash these.  I know some wash them in mesh bags, but I know I don't have enough of any particular color to make a load.

So I'm curious.  Do you or don't you prewash your quilting fabrics?  Why or why not?  If you don't, have you had any problems because you haven't?  If you do, what do you do with all the ready-cuts available to us now?

I really, really would like your opinions, etc.  I have a big decision to make here.  Please leave me a comment with your thoughts and/or procedures.

Update:  Not only can I not send email from the computer - now the emails I've tried to send from my phone aren't being sent either.  And worst of all - I can't seem to comment on any of the blogs I'm reading!  I'm asked for my ID, I choose my Google account, but my ID doesn't appear and my comment disappears!  I'm sorry about that, as I've tried to post at least a couple dozen comments in the last couple days.  Rats!

Leaving you with a few more  pictures from our vacation:

Badwater - the lowest point below sea level in the United States

The Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa was a LOT of fun


Vicki said...

I don't wash good quality cottons as I don't want to remove sizing and there is little shrinkage. I do preshrink flannel as it does shrink. So far no problem. Hope that helps. I too have read many pros/cons.

Dorothy said...

I have never washed a fabric beforehand. I wash my quilts as soon as I have the binding on and the quilt is ready for use. I like the way they crinkle. I wash my quilts in the washing machine with wool mix detergent on the wool cycle and throw in a couple of 'Colour Catchers" just incase I used a red that runs. So far I've never had a problem. I hang them on the line outside to dry. If the fabric is of good quality, Why would you wash them.

Miz Karen said...

I don't wash before using. All my quilts seem to be okay. I buy good quality fabric (as most quilters do). I learned my lesson about that years ago when I was first learning to quilt. Cheap fabric makes for quilts that don't look good when washed.

Hope you get your email problem fixed soon.

McIrish Annie said...

I don't wash my fabrics. Although with some of my older fabric, if it was red or a darker color, I probably would.

color catchers go into the wash with my quilts when they are done. I have only been burnt once with an older red that bled on a baby quilt. I wasn't too upset since puke and whatnot was going to end up on it anyway! LOL.

sorry about your email. sounds virus related. hope it is solved soon.

KT said...

I wash the large amounts I buy, but not the charm packs. I am still always scared something is going to bleed.