Saturday, March 23, 2013

I need to pay better attention . . . .

For some time I've been wishing Blogger offered the option of creating more than one page in a blog.  I used Word Press to develop a blog for my little quilt guile almost 4 years  ago, and loved the fact that I could create a dozen or more pages to cover different guild activities.

Apparently Blogger added this some time in the past, and I didn't discover it until this morning.  I've created and named a couple new pages, but haven't figured out yet how to "tell" a post on which page it should appear.   So I'm writing this one - intending to put it on the "home" page, and I'll find out in a minute if that happens automatically or if I'm given a choice.

In case I fail, if you know how this works, please leave me a comment explaining it to me.  Thanks!


I created new pages just fine.  I thought I could put multiple entries on each of those pages in the same way I do on the home page.  If that is possible I can't figure out how to do that.  Right now I can keep updating the single entry but that's it.  Has anyone figured out how to put multiple entries on pages other than the home page?

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Kigwit said...

Well, I see the page links right under your header. I'm going to make some on mine too-I want to do a wip page and maybe a wishlist project page too.