Friday, March 8, 2013

I can't believe it - someone guessed correctly already!

Taken on Thursday outside the Visitor Center - high clouds all day.
Kigwit, who lives in Texas, guessed correctly!  Kigwit, have you been to Death Valley?  If not, then I'm doubly impressed.

We are in Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California.  The average rainfall here is less than 2" per year.  I wanted a short break from gray skies and rain, so we came here.  It's been cloudy since we arrived, and today it rained deluges!  The locals called it GOLD!

Death Valley is the driest and hottest place in North America, and one of the driest and hottest places in the world.  We toured the visitor center and the historic Furnace Creek Inn.  We decided not to drive to the places we'd planned to visit today, as the roads can become hazardous.  We certainly didn't want to experience a flash flood.  I've not been able to determine how much rain fell today, but it was a LOT.  It started raining by 9:00 am and didn't stop until around 4:00 p.m.

The hints in the bad weather pictures:

1.  Palm trees
2.  No good drainage system because it isn't needed, so when it rains like it did the roads become rivers.  Not to mention the canyons, etc.
3.  No gutters and downspouts on any of the buildings.  Nothing in the way of a sill underneath a door.  None of these things are needed where it rains so little.

Anyone visiting here next week should be treated to beautiful wildflowers that spring up after a rain.  I hope some may appear by tomorrow, as we are heading out early in the morning.

Kigwit - I'll get your prize to you when I return home.  Then I'll have to decide what it is going to be.

Thanks for guessing everyone!


anorthowife said...

I may not have won, but that sounds really fun! There's a time and a season for all things and it must be great to pack up and get a change if scenery without a big fuss :)

Vicki said...

so now, along with your other accomplishments, you can add 'Rainmaker' to you resume?! Very nicely done. haha

Kigwit said...

Good grief, I was right? I just guessed the most far fetched thing I could think of. I am completely astonished.

No, I've never been there at all. I just thought it would be funny to say as I had heard that it never rains there!