Saturday, March 2, 2013


I announced this giveaway to encourage people to comment - it sure worked!  Thanks so much, everyone, for taking the time to post your thoughts in a comment.  I love comments, and always do my best to answer if an answer is appropriate.  That's one thing I love about blogging - I can become friends with delightful quilters all over the world!

About the contest - the prize kit will be my choice, not the winners.  It will be a good one, however - quilt shop quality fabric, etc.  I'm not taking any chances that the winner might want one of my favorites LOL!


Vicki said...

Funny how motivated we are to help a fellow blogger achieve her goal isn't it? or is it- lol.

anorthowife said...

Hey!!! I'm not doing it to win, I'm just trying *help* you in your quest for organization ;) it's completely selfless.

Holly Field said...

Hello! I found your blog recently from Kathie at "Inspired...", and have enjoyed reading back posts! I have to admit I have fabric envy! Your browns & creams are to die for! I recently rearranged my studio, and know how nice it is to know where mostly everything is.

I don't have as many ruler instructions as you, but I keep the directions under my cutting mat. That way I know where they are and they are close at hand. Perhaps you can use one of those black paper binding clips with the looped pincher to clip them together, then hang with your rulers? I use those type of clips a lot for everything.

Good luck with all your quilting goals. I'm already way behind on mine.

betweens said...

I`m just glad your quilting beast has awoken and we are going to see some of those gorgeous projects finished!!
You will be happy too keep posting your progress.
Anything you feel you cannot finish we are here to help