Thursday, March 14, 2013

UFO spreadsheet update

Now that I can once again send emails - what a nuisance that was! - I have sent the UFO spreadsheet to everyone who asked.  Except for the one person who didn't give me her email.  I am definitely one of those people, however, who can forget to "attach" the attachment.

If you got an email without the attachment, let me know so I can send it again.

I would love for those of you who received it to give me some feedback.  Can you think of a way to make it better?  I've tweaked it several times over the years, and probably will again.  Just leave me a comment on this post telling me your thoughts about it.  Thanks ahead of time!


Vicki said...

Welcome home. Sounds as if your holiday was very busy - hopefully all you hoped it would be. I would like to see your spreadsheet if you are stilling giving out copies. The articles re washing fabric were interesting - thanks.

Carol said...

I would like to have it as well. Tho the result may be eye opening! Sounds like a very pleasant trip. Love that coastal CA drive.

Vicki said...

Thanks for the spreadsheet - that's a lot of quilts. I couldn't fill 1/2 page I don't think -lol. Have you taken photos of all those quilts/wallhangings? Did you record sizes, who quilted and how, who received the quilt, samples of fabrics used,notes on anything special going on at the time working on quilt etc? Or are those silly questions?