Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's been a long time since I pieced a little quilt

Update:  A huge thank you to Dorothy who suggested "Butterscotch Stars".  My father's favorite flavor was butterscotch.  So, Dad, I'm thinking of you and naming this quilt "Butterscotch Stars".

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Why have I waited so long?  This was like eating peanut butter chocolate cheesecake - every moment pure pleasure.  I'm going to focus on little quilts in between working on my WISP's.  This was so much fun to do.

13 1/2" X 17 7/8"
Regan commented that she wouldn't have thought to use this background fabric.  Jo designed "Bittersweet Stars" to be a Christmas quilt.  When I saw that holly fabric in my Jo stash, which I don't remember ever seeing before, it told me it was the perfect choice.

This one needs hand quilting for sure.  I need to shift a bunch of my fiber stash to get to my Blue Ribbon quilt batting so I can begin.  I guess I'll be shifting fiber this afternoon.

I need a name for this quilt - any suggestions?  It is speaking to me but is keeping its name a secret for now.


Kathie said...

Holly stars?
cute and cheddar binding?

regan said...

Yep....this little quilt is awesome in every way! And now you have me wanting peanut butter chocolate cheesecake! Yikes! lol

betweens said...

I love it! see what happens when you play in your stash you get incentive!!
for a name I really couldn`t say. it will be interesting what you pick

sewkalico said...

It looks great. I am no good at names :)

Dorothy said...

How about Butterscotch Stars?

Tazzie said...

Just adorable Patti, you work fast! I'm not sure about the name, but the colours remind me of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - my favourite treat!

sewkalico said...

Love the name and it's a super little quilt! !