Friday, March 22, 2013

A funny sight

At least I think it is funny.  This is how the shower in the little bathroom looks at the moment.

Most of my socks are made from superwash yarn, but I still hand wash them.  I want them to last a long time as many hours of knitting are represented here.  (This is by no means all the socks I've knit.  I still have some in the drawer and none of my husband's are here.)  So I wash them by hand.  It takes very little time, and it is time well spent to me.

We don't use this shower, so I put in the tension rods so I could hang my washed handspun yarn to dry after it is "finished".  They make a perfect drying rack for other things too!


Carol said...

Patti what a great use of a shower that you don't use...very clever! LOVE your socks...LOVE them!

regan said...

Oh, these are all so beautiful! And what a great idea for that extra shower!

sewkalico said...

That's a lot of lovely socks!