Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fabric stashes - and a shopping trip

This morning I was catching up on blog reading, and came across this post.  What fun - I love to look at fabric stashes!  After checking out the entries I decided to enter my own stash.  I will certainly not get may votes if people vote for messy - there is one picture that makes me shudder.  I need to help that quilter organize her stash!  I think I'll get votes from those people going for size. 

It would be great if you vote for my stash, but even better if you enter a picture of your own stash.  I really don't need to win - I have more than enough quilt books - but I'd love to think one of my readers might win for a picture of her or his own stash.

So get out your camera and take a picture - no matter what your stash looks like.  Post it on your blog too - just for kicks and giggles.

Here is what mine looks like this morning.  Click on the picture for the full (gasp!) effect.

What doesn't show - because it is on the floor behind the cutting table - is this mess.  Here we have my vacation purchases plus the results of a little "shopping trip" I took yesterday.  I hope to start washing and ironing these today.

Here in Vancouver we are right across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, where one of the biggest fabric stores ever is located.  I'd not been there for over two years.  They are currently having their famous "30% off of everything" sale, so it was time for a trip.

Do I hear you thinking, "what about the no-buy pledge?"  Looks like I failed, right?  Well, you can see three large pieces - 24 yards total - to use for sashings, etc. with Civil War Diary and Civil War Love Letters.  Two quilts, three pieces - I have to have a choice, right?  The fat quarter and fat eighth pack, as well as the dessert roll, are French General fabrics to supplement what I bought on vacation.  I like scrappy, so of course I needed to supplement!  Yes, there are a few other fabrics in there too, but not many - just some new seasonings to bring the stash up to date.

You are right - I AM the queen of rationalization!  Now back to the pledge . . . we'll see how long I can stick to it.

Of course I had to cruise through the notions aisles to see what new gadgets were available as well as replenish my supplies.  After all, 30% off doesn't come all that often.

I've always wanted to make a Pickle Dish quilt, but shuddered at hand cutting all those tiny pieces.  Look what I found!  I didn't need Double Wedding Ring templates, but they are necessary for use with the three Pickle Dish triangle templates.  I can hardly wait to start on this - my scraps will all be cut into little triangles for some time to come.

The other purchases aren't exciting but needed - new rotary blades, needle threader, and Thread Heaven.  A bottle of Fray Check that isn't half solidified.  And a 1/4" bias tape maker for all those little stems in applique.  Finally, a large bottle of Retayne to use when I wash quilts that include jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes, etc.

I shuddered when I paid the total, but kept telling myself it was so much less than it would have been without the sale.


Winona said...

Your stash looks like a dream. I agree with you. One of the stash pictures would give me nightmares. I just couldn't work in that environment. Boy! Good luck.

Julierose said...

Ummmmm...yuuuum!! WOW--that takes care of your "no buy" for sure!! When you go off, you really GO Girl! Just a "little" slip; right? Now, my fabric stash is a total unmitigated mess!! I just canNOT get it into shape; pieces keep moving around
( most likely while I'm sleeping at night--sneaky things!!). Well, this way, I keep making new "discoveries"--and that is fun, too...Julierose

sewkalico said...

You have an amazing stash and the mess is not permanent! I too love pickle dish quilts. Found an amazing double wedding ring quilt I want to show you - will send you an email.

regan said...

Your sewing room and stash are so beautiful! What a pleasure it must be to work in such organization! Well done!

And thanks for the info on Fabric Depot.....I'll be on a driving trip right through there in a month! Woohoo! I'm stopping for sure!

PieceMakers Quilting Guild said...
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Yvette said...

That is one of the most impressive stashes I have ever seen! I love your cabinets and how you have it stored. Thank you for sharing. I need to go change my shirt, I just drooled all over it.

Vicki said...

Love your stash and cupboards which u know. Got a smile and/or giggle from the comments. Now i must get back to studying - just had to c what u have been up to-& remember, 'no buy' policies are nul and void at will and whenever and sewing buddies will neve r tell. U go girl-good job!

Angie said...

W.O.W. how I would love to come and play in your room/stash... :D