Friday, March 8, 2013

Are you a "no-reply" blogger - and another giveaway!

So many times I've written an answer to a comment, only to have it returned because I sent it to a "no reply" blogger.  It always makes me sad, because part of the fun of blogging is the give and take that can happen privately between two quilters via email.  I've made many friendships this way with people who left a comment on my blog.  I will miss getting to know you better if you are "no-reply".

At least two people who asked me to send them a copy of my spreadsheet are "no-reply", and they didn't include their email address in the request.

They are Gayla May and Joanne.  Ladies, if you don't want your email to show in the comment, please click on my "Blogger Profile", click "email" and send me your email in a personal message that no one else can see.  That's the only way I'll be able to email it to you.

To reassure you, I've never received any spam because my email address shows on my Blogger profile.

Because I always like to include pictures, I'm including a picture of where we are today.  If you'd like to guess - and those of you who know can't enter - leave me a comment.  I will send a prize to the first person who guesses correctly.  If no one guesses correctly, then I'll randomly choose a comment from all the comments on this post.   Here is a hint - this weather is very unusual.


Teresa said...

Hmmm...I have no idea where you are. Our weather has been so unusual this year, are you in South Carolina???

anorthowife said...

HMMM.... Arizona? I know Mesa got hail so I'm guessing somewhere in that general vicinity.

Lisa said...

Looks like somewhere in the southwest desert of Phoenix to me - I'm wet too! ;> Thank goodness I put on new windshield wipers a couple of weeks ago, I can actually see to drive! :> Take care, Lisa

Lori said...

California? I heard they had hail today too

SewCalGal said...

Southern California?

Thanks for heightening awareness of no-reply bloggers. Sad that Google has so many different ways to set your free account up with them, yet the default status is a no-reply blogger.


Dorothy said...

I know you're not but you could be in northern Australia in Brisbane or even Sydney. They have had so much rain this year and severe flooding whereas I'm in the south with 10days of over 30C and sweltering. Both are a complete opposite of what it normally is.I can't even give you a state but I hope it not your house that is 'leaking'.

Miz Karen said...

Los angeles ca?
I'm on
a yard sale road trip through ga
220 miles of sales

Carol said...

well, I know the northeast has rains and there are flowers blooming in that first photo so you are where it is somewhat warm. And I see part of a palm tree of some sort and not sure where that would be. Maybe CA or AZ - not sure of city, maybe San Diego? I may think about it and guess again! I'm not too familiar with the western US.

Doreen B said...

All I can say is in the US as I live in Canada!!!
Giveaways are such fun!

Kigwit said...

death valley? seriously, I have no idea. My brain is fried after two days of solid meetings.