Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The blocks are finished

I had time to sew more after I got home from spinning, so was able to finish the blocks.  I'm fine with the setting fabric now - I've learned to reserve my judgement until most if not all the blocks are finished.

I'm going to play with the block arrangement for a bit before I sew it all together.  Jo Morton didn't put a border on her Bittersweet Stars, but I might decide to put one on mine.


Dorothy said...

Lovely, I always like a bit of cheddar.

regan said...

Your background fabric is awesome with all that cheddar......but it's funny, I don't think I would ever have pulled that fabric from my stash. You just never know what will work the best, right!?! Which is now making me re-think two little quilts that I've pulled backgrounds for....what I chose is kindof predictable.....but maybe I should look again! Ha! Thanks!