Friday, March 15, 2013

Final (I think) thoughts about washing . . . .

Dorothy in Australia sent me an email about washing pre-cuts.  She can't comment on my blog, bu has given me permission to copy her message:

I once washed a charm pack - and my advice is, "Don't even think of doing it!"  The shrinkage was really weird - some ended up rectangular, some were rhombuses (distorted squares) and none were the same size and shape as the others.

Dorothy in Oz

Linda from Quiltifications told me this when I replied to her comment asking her if she ever bought precuts:

I buy them once in a great while and always prewash them.  but because they're all cut to specific sizes i end up doing LOTS of math to use them or wasting some time and fabric cutting them down to a consistent size.  all of that makes precuts a little impractical (plus they always charge so much for them!)

These make me even more confident that I've made the right decision about pre-cuts.

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The Calico Cat said...

I guess it kind of depends what kind of sewing you are doing...

I prefer scrappy & so I have been buying precuts (I've never really pre-washed, washing laundry is a chore that I don't need to add too.) for variety. I'd rather pay $9 & get a lot of variety that ger 3 fat quarters for that same $9.