Monday, January 23, 2006

Quilting friends are the best!

I've belonged to a small quilting group called Tangled Threads since 1989. The group was established in 1987, and two of the original members are still in the group. We take turns hosting the group at our homes every Tuesday night. We stitch, gab, laugh and cry together. Over the years we've had retreats, done exchanges and round robins, painted each others houses, organized each other's sewing rooms, gone on a couple pub crawls with our hubbies, and supported each other in good times and bad. We are each others' very best friends.

The picture is from last fall when we celebrated the 18th birthday of the group. I'm on the left in the red shirt. As you can tell from the picture, we eat at our meetings almost as much as we quilt!

Quilting friends are the best kind of friends!


Kathie said...

Sure looks like you were all having fun!
but hey where is everyones quilts they were working on that day?????

Patti said...

We put away our quilting so we wouldn't get any of the carrot cake crumbs on it! You can see just a little bit of the carrot cake in the picture.