Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Friday!

Good morning everyone! It's another VERY rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest - perfect weather for staying in and quilting! Tonight my little guild is having a Friday Night Frenzy so I'm getting together handwork for an evening of stitching. I probably won't stay until midnight - I'm not a night person - but I'll stick it out as long as I can.

I'm currently working on the last three blocks of Jan Patek's Mystery Quilt. Here is what the finished quilt looks like. It's been lots of fun. I confess however - this one isn't from stash - fabric comes with the pattern each month.

I'm also doing Jan's Girl Gang - It's a Wonderful Life. This one is totally from stash. Here is my progress so far.
The fabric rectangle over the house is actually a blue and white plaid. It looks like a medium tone on the wall but looks really light in the picture. In the picture I think it looks very distracting so I'm probably going to frog off that piece and choose another fabric.

My new project is Heirloom Stitches by Lori Smith. This is a BOM also. Sometimes I need those. I call them "Quilt by Number" projects - do you remember paint by number kits? I did them as a child. Sometimes I just want to stitch away without thinking - it's a great way for me to meditate and rest my brain - and BOM's serve that purpose for me.

I'm loving blogging. I always wanted to keep a journal but could never stick with it. This is a great way to accomplish much the same thing and because we are sharing it's easy for me to write every day. This better be it - I need to get ready for work!


Bonnie said...

I'm so glad you've joined the blog world! Your quilts are so great and I always enjoyed your posts via it will be like stopping in to say hello and see what you are working on!


The Calico Cat said...

1 thing - Can you really rest and meditate with a BOM with that many triangles.... My poor brain aches just thinking about it.... I hope you frenzy till you can't frenzy no more!

Cher said...

great to see more Patti! I am a night person-but can also get up early and quilt on..I have two bom's and they are both ufos, one I never even opened, the other I think I tried to do the first block and dealing with fused applique just proved more than I wanted to deal with!

Tracey said...

Oooooooooh wow! I'm drooling here! :oP I LOVE Jan and Lori's stuff! And I've never seen that pattern of Lori's before! Is it available just as a pattern (not a BOM)?? PRETTY PRETTY!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and welcome to the Stash quilts group! I love Lori Smith's designs too and I'm working on her Flowers From My Garden right now.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Welcome to Stash Quilts. I love everything you have posted so far - on the Fall wallhanging - I have never seen those turkeys before - they are wonderful! And, the log cabin - goes to show why a classic just stays a classic - I have yet to meet one I don't like. I am really looking forward to seeing what you create with all that fabric!!!



tami said...

I love your quilts. Where do you find the time to do all that?

Lucy said...

I can't wait to see your progress on this quilt. I love the quilts from this designer