Monday, January 30, 2006

More sharing

Still reading blogs. I'm really enjoying meeting all you new-to-me quilters. I have to get my blogging under control now too, or I'll never have time to quilt.

I wanted to show you that I don't always work in traditional colors and fabrics. I have done a few quilts that were a real stretch for me. I learned a lot and love the results!

Purple is just not my color. But I had these fabrics in my stash so I used them for the center of this round robin. I love how it turned out!

I saw the company flyer from P&B advertising their African fabrics several months before they came out. I fell in love! They were so different than anything I'd ever worked with before. I bought every piece I could find when they came out - I don't know what about them appealed to me, but I had to have them. I knew right away what kind of quilt I wanted to make. I hand quilted this one "to death". I even made all four borders from different fabrics.

Here is one block from the quilt to show the quilting.

This was a challenge for the first time Jinny Beyer visited our area for classes in 1990. When I opened the packet of fabrics I thought "ugh - those are the ugliest fabrics I've ever seen!" We had to use all the fabrics and could add 2 of our own. The quilt could NOT be square. This is the first quilt I designed myself. I was surprised how much fun it was and how well it turned out. I won first prize!

I really like the movement in this fabric - both the alternate blocks and the border. This was a teaching sample from Daisy Kingdom - I have a very hard time working with such a limited number of fabrics.

I'd better shut off the computer and get into the sewing room or I'll never get anything done tonight!


Patty said...

Hi Patti,
You do beautiful work. I just love the purple quilt. I will be checking your blog often.


Sandra said...

More great quilts! Congrats on winning first prize for your challenge - they are very fun to do.

Debra Dee said...

Awesome quilts and blocks. It makes me want to see more.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I love the feather star round robin and the other feathered star quilt you showed! WOW!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your African fabric quilt!! I've made three trips to Africa and the colors are completely African. The quilting is fantastic!