Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just checking in

This is going to be a very short post since it's bed time. 5:00 comes pretty early! The only time I had to post today was when blogger was down - that doesn't work! Wednesday evening we go out to dinner with DD and DSIL, and then play games afterwards. I didn't want the day to end without posting a "Hi" to all my new quilty friends. I'm going to try to upload the pictures that wouldn't upload yesterday. I sure wish the room was really this neat. I took these pictures right after I moved back into the room. I'd moved everything out, put in new carpet and painted because I thought the longarm was going in this room - but that's another story!

This is the closet in my sewing room. As you can tell it's a funky shape because it is underneath our stairway. The larger Rubbermaid boxes have cut strips of various sizes. The smaller ones have half square triangle squares, squares, rectangles, etc. The two sets of stacking drawers are full of PIGS - unstarted kits. Another name for these is "HSY's", pronounced "hussies". That stands for "haven't started yets". If you've had them for more than a year they are "Brazen HSY's".

Two more stacking drawers with tools, etc., and the filing cabinet with patterns and clippings from quilt magazines.

This is the makeshift base of my cutting table. 20 plastic cubes are in the center of the floor - 10 on each side stacked 2 deep. These are full of UFO's, PIGS, and other such things. You can see the fabric baskets on the right - this is a VERY crowded room!

I have a particle board "riser" I made that sits on the plastic cubes at each end. They bring the top up to cutting height for me - I'm tall. The top of the table is the closet door!

I was going to put in a picture of the bookcase with quilting books, but blogger is suddenly sending my pictures into a black hole once more. I need to get to bed anyway - I have 3 three hour trip up north for work tomorrow. It's going to be a LONG day.

I guess it's not a short post after all!

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Sandra said...

Your room may be small, but it sure is organised! I love that green colour on the walls :-)