Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Exploding stash

I need to find more room for fabric! This is an illness for sure - I just can't stop buying! Every year the new lines are more wonderful than the lines that came out in years past. And my tastes have changed so much! I remember when I focused on Hoffman florals and batiks. Now I'm mad for reproduction prints from every era, plaids, and fabric suitable for folk art and primitives.

This is my 4x8 foot fabric shelf. (I'm in love with lime green, so that's what I painted the room!) It is both fat quarters and larger pieces. Unfortunately this picture is about 18 months old, and the shelf is now full to overflowing.

Where to put more fabric? I did come up with a solution - at least I hope it's a solution. When you hear what it is you'll know how sick I am!

I stopped buying fat quarter collections and switched to half yard collections! My new fabrics - the Jane Austen collection, the Dargate Cheddar collection and others are all half yards! So this is where I'm going to try to find room for them - in my baskets that hold pieces that are a half yard or more. As you can see these baskets look pretty full - and this is an old picture also! I suspect the top baskets will be stacked very high by the time I've prewashed all the new fabrics!

What can I say - I'm addicted! I hate the idea that I might have to stop creating because I don't have the fabric I need, so I've made sure I don't lack anything I might possibly want. After all, quilt shops aren't open in the middle of the night!


Sandra said...

Your stash is beautiful - I think I'm feeling a bit envious - is that why you painted your walls green ? :-)

Patty said...

Your stash is like the best candy store in the world. One thing I know though, I have a long way to go to catch up to you : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! After a quick glance at your blog I knew that I was in for an enjoyable read. I've been searching for an alternative to bookshelves for my fabric stash (which is MUCH smaller than yours ;)). I really like your plastic baskets!