Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Looking toward June - goal setting

If you check my left sidebar you can see my goals for June.  I'm not sure how much of a stretch those will be, but I'm comfortable with them.  I can always add more in the next couple days. 

I do have lots of quilty things going on, but little that is new.  I'm sure you get tired of seeing the same projects several times during the month, but I'm determined to remain focused on finishing flimsies and current projects.  I must put on blinders as I read blogs and thumb through books - there are so many new things I'd love to start!

These books arrived in the mail yesterday.  I've not had time to look at either yet - I hope to do that this afternoon.

1 comment:

Kathie said...

how could you get new books and not sit and look at them!!!!!
can't wait to see what you want to make from the promenade in the dutch garden book!