Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dealing with the scrap basket a couple days late

After finishing the basket blocks yesterday, I attacked the scrap basket.  I took out the rest of the fabric pieces that I'd ironed several weeks ago, and cut them into pieces for more shoo fly blocks.  Here you see the results.  In the upper right corner you can also see triangles and rectangles of white - the rest of what I need for 30's basket blocks.  I cut them now so I could re-wrap the bolt of white fabric and put it back on top of the fabric shelves where it belongs.

I've no idea how many shoo fly blocks this will make.  Anything left over will get tucked into the appropriate scrap boxes.  A full box of scrappy triangle squares is so much fun to play with!

The scrap basket now looks like this.  The fabrics on the top are different as I've done a lot of digging


while making the blocks.  Here is what it looked like when I started.  Hmmm . . . doesn't really look any emptier, does it?


betweens said...

That's cause you fluffed your fabric it is not weighed down anymore.
Great idea maybe if it is raining this weekend I can get some action going on my scraps

Kathie said...

hey your making progress thats a good thing! keep cutting it up and using it.

Kigwit said...

space bags are the answer! well, at least it would look smaller.

Kim said...

Looks like you're all prepped and ready to churn out more dashes and your shoos will fly out of your sewing machine!