Sunday, April 28, 2013

My plans for Scrap Basket Sunday

I tussled with this problem all day yesterday - what should I do today for Scrap Basket Sunday?  I could start another little quilt.  I could pick a block to make scrappy and start a new larger quilt.  I could just cut shapes.  So why  is this a problem?

Take a look at that list of finished flimsies on my left sidebar.  Then take a look at my 2013 goals.  This year I want to focus on shrinking that list.  I've completed 6 quilts this year - which I'm very happy about - but I've already added 9 new tops to the list, 8 of which are little quilts.  Goal #3 says "Quilt and bind all small quilts".  As of now that total is 14.  I have several more little quilts planned for next month, the month after that, etc.  So do I want to add another scrappy small quilt now?  I don't think so!

I like the idea of picking a block and making a bunch of them from the basket.  Can I get away without saying I'm "starting a new large ongoing project", since I didn't want to do that until I finish one already on the list?  I did manage to shrink the list by 3 projects by making some decisions, and I could just think of them as more "orphan blocks" until I decide what I'm going to do with them.  (Never mind that my "orphan block drawer" is full to overflowing. 

I don't feel like spending the day cutting shapes - which helps empty the basket but doesn't result in anything interesting to show.  I really don't want to choose this one.

So . . . I guess it is choice number two.  Now to pick a block.  Should it be very simple like "Shoe Fly" or something more complex.  I'm not sure.  Come back this evening to see what I decided.

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