Friday, April 19, 2013

We have a quilt top - minus the outside borders

I did persevere and I'm happy I did.  I made still another block, which resulted in two more nine patches in the orphan block drawer.  I took all the blocks off the wall and started from scratch with the arrangement.  I made a slight mistake when sewing them together - one row got turned around - which resulted in two identical outside triangles being next to each other.  And that is the way it will stay.

I will finish the piecing today, but won't show the results until the end of the month, as that is the "reveal day" for the people participating in "Another Year of Schnibbles".  It wasn't until I saw this picture that I realized that many of my fabrics are similar colors to those in the pattern.  It certainly wasn't intentional - and that quilt has no plaids.

* * * * * * * *
1. A glimpse of blue sky after an all-day downpour
2.  Real and "virtual" quilty friends to share projects with
3.  Leftovers for dinner.


Dorothy said...

Your quilt looks lovely.

swooze said...

I like your choice. The one block that doesn't have a lot of contrast makes me really study the quilt but isn't so far "off" to be unsettling. Can't think of a better word. Nice job. Good for you persevering.

Thelma said...

You worked very hard on your Hat Trick and it shows, I love your version. I also enjoyed reading about the maverick block rule, that was new to me but such a great concept. I"ll try to remember that in the future!

Great blog, this is my first stop, I love your Gratitudes, what a wonderful addition to any post.

sewkalico said...

Excellent! I'm glad you persevered!!

Sherri said...

I love your version!