Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5" squares

My spinning is going well - I've only the yellow to finish.  Aren't the colors pretty?

I know - I said I would make more Civil War Diary blocks when I finished my class spinning.  I've changed my mind - again!  I'm not ready to move away from little quilts I guess!

So many wonderful patterns and books are available for using 5" squares.  I've collected so many charm packs, and have cut so many 5" squares from my own fabrics, that it is time I used some of them.  I've seen so many blog posts about "Another Year of Schnibbles" with wonderful little quilts, and wondered what was going on.  When I read this post I understood, and decided immediately that I needed to play along.  I sent Sinta a request to have my blog added to the list and bought the pattern.  So this will be my next project.

I have no fear that I will run out of fabrics.  My 5" square drawer is filled to overflowing, and none of the packets I've purchased in the last 3 months are in there!


sewkalico said...

Sounds like that may be the pudh you need to use those charms.
The wool colours are glorious!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I may have to check that out and unofficial lay do some!