Friday, April 5, 2013


I did have a little time to work last night, so I finished the tans and beiges and did a little with the yellows, oranges and golds.  Here is what I have left of those colors.  Not all that much - I should be able to finish these when I come back on Sunday.   Unfortunately, I've had to put fabrics onto the top shelves already - I was hoping to avoid that.

I've been looking at selvages a lot during this sorting process - double checking my choices of reproduction prints.  That has been very interesting.  I've run across a lot of fabric with NOTHING on the selvages.  Not only are there no color dots - there is no identification at all.  No designer, no company name, nothing.  Even the few ancient VIP's I have left have the VIP name one the edge.  Can you imagine how old the nameless fabrics must be?  I can't remember a time when fabric manufactures didn't mark the edge of their fabrics.

When I finish those, all I'll have left is the "stuff".  At least it is now off the office floor and back into the sewing room.  There is NO way I have room to put all these on the shelves.  There will be a place for "autumn quilt" fabric, holiday fabric, novelty prints and brights.  There are some here that can be sorted into the color stacks.  There are a few I'm  putting away to use in this quilt.  Those categories will take up the rest of the room.  What's left will be made into quilt block fabric or cut into strips and squares.  Slowly.  The trick will be to figure out what to do with them in the meantime.

At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm so eager to get back to the little quilt I started before the organizing bug bit me.  It is all cut out and ready for sewing.  I think I'm going to love it!


Kathie said...

wow some of those fabrics must be old no printing on the selvages!!! good for you keeping with it
its a lot of work but worth it when its all done
keep going
have fun this weekend

regan said...

I found several no-name fabrics in my stash a while back, too! I don't even remember having it, much less when I might have bought it! Too funny! Have a great time at your retreat!

sewkalico said...

It will definitely be worth it in the end! Well done!