Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thank you to all who voted!

I really was curious to see your opinions.  Here are the results (if I counted correctly!)

#1 - 2     #2 - 3     #3 - 8     #4 - 6     #5 - 2

I'm 99% positive I'm going to use arrangement #4 because I like to be a maverick at times, and I've not seen anyone else use this arrangement for their April quilt.  I did learn one thing interesting doing this exercise.  The setting I liked the very best used only 4 blocks!  If I'd known that to start with I would have stopped after 4 blocks.  I think I need to make another little quilt using this block! 

I had a great time at spinning class today, but don't have anything to show for it.  Now I'm heading into the sewing room and will (hopefully!) get this sewn together tonight!

I did do a little shopping at the yarn shop today, so I can leave you with a couple pictures.

Kauni yarn has LONG color yarns.  Many of the colorways change drastically from one color to an entirely different color.  These two balls are actually two different colorways, though one can't tell without reading the label.

The last picture shows what the inside of the ball on the left looks like. You can see it goes from red purple to blue purple to a brighter purple-y pink.  Each ball is wound individually and varies in weight (and thus price).  The ball on the left is 140 grams and the one on the right is 160 grams.  My plan is to make a shawl using both of them together.

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sewkalico said...

What scrumptious yarn colours!