Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Works in slow progress

I've been thinking a lot about the projects I have listed on the left sidebar under this category.  These have been weighing on my mind.  I'm uncomfortable with the number I have.  My goal has been to finish all of these; they have felt like a burden on my shoulders.

How many of you feel this way about some of your projects?   How many are drawn to large projects, find yourself starting one after another, and then becoming overwhelmed?  I'm sure I'm not the only quilter who does this.

My mind is still in the "we need to clear things out" state.  So this morning I decided to do something about this list.

1.  Dear Jane - I've completed only 12 blocks for this quilt.  So many people have completed the quilt.  I realize that I no longer feel a need to do so.  I love the blocks I've finished, so I've decided to put them into a small quilt.  I'm moving this to a short-term project list as ideas are now percolating in my brain.

2.  Times Remembered by Pat Sloan - I've finished 3 of the 9 blocks of this quilt.  I really lost interest after the first two blocks.  I no longer care for the pattern, and life isd too short to make something I'm not going to love.  I'm moving these to the short-term project list also, and will make a tall, narrow wall hanging from the blocks I have done.

3.  Golden Age Random Sampler - I have 11 blocks done for this large quilt.  I love the quilt, but I'm no longer certain I want to make it as originally planned - which was to copy this quilt closely.

I find it telling that I can't find the blocks.  I wanted to take their picture, but will make do with this photo of 10 blocks, stolen off a much earlier blog post.  It looks like the 11th block fell off before I took the picture.

I know right where they were before I started the "big fabric reorganization", but I don't remember where I put them.  When I look through the class materials now, I realize there are other quilts I'd rather make from this time period.  So when I find these blocks they will either go into the orphan blocks drawer. or become a table mat.  Right now they aren't doing anything for me.

That leaves five projects - still too many - but much better than eight.  I'm going to list them in order of expected finishes, and will keep reminding myself that I'm not on any timeline with these.  Of course, the key will be to work on them.  Once I finish Hat Trick I need to get back to the first project on the list.


Jeanne said...

Hehe -- sounds all too familiar! I have *several* projects like that: they keep getting carried forward on the task list, and I guess I really don't feel like ever finishing them. Probably not ever. I need to bite the bullet and clear them away!
Jeanne :)

sewkalico said...

I love love love project number two! I think though that smaller projects making use of what you have done is sensible and will be satisfying to finish. How many big quilts do we all really need?!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Gee, wonder who got you to thinking about this!!!

Holly Field said...

I love your ideas! Why not feel free to try a project, and if you loose interest stop and change direction.This is supposed to be fun!

betweens said...

You are really progressing with your quilts sometimes it is better to walk away from the ones you are lossing interest in and walk back in after a week. I always change a little bit in a design it is not intentional it just happens.