Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday Wrap-up

I sewed most of the day, with breaks for short bursts of house cleaning.  I finished 16 blocks, and I'm pleased with the way they look on the design wall.  These are so different from the fabrics I love to work with these days, but I'm enjoying the process nevertheless.

These are 6" blocks.
I might have gotten more done, but this evening after dinner my featherweight hit a pin dead on, breaking the needle and totally messing up the timing of the machine.  So off to the repair shop it must go tomorrow, and I imagine I'll be without it for a week or so.  I could piece on my Pfaff, but I'd rather not.  It's upstairs in the longarm room which still needs much cleaning, and all my fabric, tools, cutting table, etc. are downstairs.  So this coming week I will be doing something besides piecing.  Time will tell what that will be.  This will be a perfect time to get the longarm running so I can baste a bunch of quilts for hand quilting.  I can also choose fabrics and cut for May's projects.

But first I think it is time I really cleaned the house.  I've been procrastinating for some time.  And while my baby is in the hospital is a perfect time to do it.


Kim said...

Your blocks are great! I did much the same today--sewed most of the day with a couple cleaning breaks. I really should have cleaned more, but I'll get to it eventually--LOL!

Kathie said...

hmm...spring cleaning is something I have been working on , hope I feel better when all these closets are cleaned out and baseboards dusted ! LOL
the blocks look great and will be great mixed in with your fabric choices you would make now.

sewkalico said...

The blocks do look good together. Don't mention cleaning *sigh*!

Crispy said...

The blocks look great. It is a good thing to play with different fabris once in a while. Should I mention that you should remove pins before you sew over them? LOL


PS I went to your blog cuz I thought that you hadnt posted and found that Iforgot to follow your blog. This is now fixed :0)