Monday, April 29, 2013

Hat Trick

In most places it is already April 30th, so I can post my finished "Hat Trick" quilt top.  I like it so much better now that the final two borders are in place.  It really needed that dark "frame" at the top and bottom.  I'm really eager to see the "parade" of all the finished tops.  On Wednesday you can see half of them on Sinta's blog, and half on Sherri's blog.

So what did I do today without my machine?  I confess - I spent a bit of time on my Scrap Basket Sunday project.  I pulled many pairs of fabric from the scrap basket, pressed them, and cut out some blocks.  I managed to stop myself after a dozen or so blocks, but I still have a large stack of pressed fabric.  Next Sunday I can sew all the half-square triangles together on my Pfaff  since I trim them to size.

I also pulled a bunch of little quilt tops - ten or twelve I think - from the upstairs closet.  I cleared off my cutting table - including the cutting mats - so I can start basting little quilts tomorrow.  I will do some on the Pfaff - the ones involving mainly straight stitch-in-the ditch seams, but most are for hand quilting.  Once basted I can start quilting and then binding them.  I wonder how many I can finish while my machine is in hospital?

I did do some cleaning today - several rooms look much better.  I still have several to clean tomorrow however, so that will be my first priority.


Kathie said...

very pretty your fabric choices, say spring to me!

Sue said...

Lovely Hat Trick! The borders are perfect, and I love that they are just top and bottom. Personally, I never think of that - somehow I'm hung up on borders being the same on all four sides. Yours is just right, so thank you for the inspiration!

Happy cleaning and hand quilting while you wait for your machine to come home. :)

Crispy said...

Pretty Hat Trick. Its been fun seeing the different fabrics used for this quilt out in blogland.