Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goals - mostly success!

See that April list on my left sidebar?  I'm thrilled to see all but one crossed off.  So much better than I did last month.  That's what happens when one sets realistic (but still stretch) goals.  Two more quilts finished, making a total of 6 for the year.  Fabric reorganization completed - hooray!  That turned into a much bigger undertaking than I thought it would.  Quilt backing made - 5 "bolts"!  That will be enough for some time, and cleared a LOT of space off my shelves.  Four new small quilt tops and a pair of socks completed.  I love looking at the list and realizing I accomplished quite a bit in the time I had.

I am bothered by the one goal I didn't complete.  The quilt books are organized but upstairs is a mess.  Sacks of romance novels cover the floor, and there are still two shelves to be emptied.  Stacks of knitting books cover the window seat and the floor in front of it, waiting for the shelves to be cleared.  I spend little time in the family room - I guess it is out of sight, out of mind.  Fred spends a lot of time there watching television but he doesn't seem to mind.  I know it would be done if I had to look at it all day.  I will make this goal #1 for May - I should be able to finish it while my machine is gone, right?

Time now to set goals for May.  I've been thinking on that for a few days, but haven't made any decisions.  I need to work on that today - while I'm cleaning LOL!

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