Monday, April 29, 2013

I just left my child with strangers!

At least it feels that way.  My featherweight is now in the shop and will most likely be there for two weeks!  And they really aren't strangers - I've left my Pfaff there before.  I'm sure you all understand how I feel, right?  I will be uneasy until she is back home.

I thought I could look at the new Pfaff Passport 2.0 while I was there.  Unfortunately they don't yet have them in stock.  There has been much discussion on the Jo Morton Yahoo Group about this machine.  I love my big Praff but it is showing its age.  It was one of the first with a blanket stitch, and the stitch isn't very attractive.  I've not used it for applique for this reason.  Right now I use it to sew on bindings, and that's about it.  Do I need another machine?  Probably not, but I'd LOVE to have a good blanket stitch.  And now and then I take a class for which I need more than a straight stitch machine - and my other Pfaff is so much heavier!

I think all quilters are gadget people, right?  I know I am.  Some I still have but never use.  Some I tried and then passed along to others.  Some I love and use a lot.  These fall into the last category.  (I learned about these on the Jo Morton group also.)  If you are a piecer who values precision even if it takes a little extra time you will love these.  I make all my half-square and quarter-square triangle squares, plus my flying geese, a little bit oversized so I can trim them precisely.  If you do that too, you know how the ruler can rock a little on the seam no matter how tightly you hold it.  These rulers have grooves on the back of them that fit over the seam so they CAN'T move or rock.  I've had mine about 10 days and love them madly.  I used them when piecing my Shoe Fly blocks yesterday.  If this sounds like you, follow the link to the video and watch them in action.  The are somewhat spendy, but in my mind worth every penny.  Mine are the two small sets as I love to make little blocks.  I'm sure I'll add more eventually.  

So what am I going to do without the distraction of my featherweight for two weeks?   Maybe now I'll get the longarm running, prep more applique, baste some quilt tops and do more hand quilting.  Or maybe I'll clean - which is what I'm supposed to be doing today LOL!


Kyle said...

Cute title for your post today!

Cathy said...

I have a few of the Bloc Loc rulers and as you say, they are worth the price.

Crispy said...

I'm not a gadget person at all......more money for fabric and yarn. The one thing about housework, its always there for those insane moments you feel like doing it :0)


Lynne said...

Those rulers sound like a great idea! Thanks for sharing!