Sunday, May 19, 2013

This month's socks are finished

thanks to all the rain at the beach.  These are the most "fraternal twins" socks I've made yet.  I normally do two socks at a time, but this time I didn't (not sure why!)  The sock on the left with the beautiful striped leg is the one I did first.  As the second one neared the heel I couldn't believe how it looked - like an entirely different skein of yarn!  Severe pooling of color all the way down the leg.  The foot shows more stripes than the first one does, however, as the first foot has some color pooling.  The only place where they look similar is through the heel area.

These are a good example of the fact that hand dyed yarn makes up very differently depending where in the dye sequence you start your cast-on.

I still love them and will happily wear them, but they are definitely a conversation piece.  The pattern is "Monkey" by Cookie A, one of my most favorite sock patterns.  The yarn is by "Pink Carrot Creations", a hand dyer in Ketchikan, Alaska.  I bought it on our Alaskan cruise four years ago for a souvenir.


Julierose said...

Patti, I used to be a mega-sock knitter in another life! i love the fact that they are different..beautiful work Julierose

Kathie said...

These are great do you have a favorite sock pattern?