Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What was left in the drawer

The drawing in the sewing room that was full of Jan Patek quilts in progress is now empty.  And look what I found underneath all the fabric!

Several years before I even knew there were such things as quilt shops, a woman in town opened a shop in a building on her property called "Connie's Calicos Too".  It was a very cute shop with lots of crafts represented.  This was in the early 1980's - before most people had even heard of decorating with primitive items, shabby second hand furniture, etc. which formed the basis of "country".  There was a little bit for everyone - beautiful fabrics, unpainted doll furniture and accessories, paint to paint them, baskets, dried flowers, etc.  I took many classes there and still have items I made during that time.  The copyright date on the pattern is 1984, and the class was right after the pattern first became available.  I learned beginning stenciling and painting and writing on fabric.  I think the class was two sessions  during which we made both dolls and the dress for the little girl.  Our house was still decorated with harvest gold, greens, and rust at that time - we couldn't afford to redo - so the little girl is wearing a rust and white check.  Unfortunately mom's dress was never made.

After almost 30 years I think it is time she got a dress - don't you?  While I'm doing reorganizing I will take time to sew something for mom.  I imagine she's been quite cold all these years, and is only tolerating the lack of clothing because she's been in a drawer so long.

I have a huge sack full of books to donate tomorrow - so full Fred is going to have to put it in the car for me - and I've not even emptied a shelf and a half.  I'd forgotten there was a second row of books behind the first row on each shelf!  If I remember correctly there are 5 bookcases this size.  It is going to take awhile to clear them out.

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Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Was it really that long ago? I taught this doll pattern to some gals in the Middle East. What fun we had.

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