Saturday, February 23, 2013

Civil War Diary Quilt

I've done about an hour of housework - I need a quilting fix in order to continue LOL!

What happens when you take a 2 year break from quilting . . . .

1. You forget you have a new computer that doesn't have EQ on it.
2. You forget you need EQ installed in order to print paper foundations for this quilt.
3. You try to install EQ 6 - the newest version you have.
4. You forget you need to have EQ 5 installed in order to install the EQ 6 update.
5. You forget how to use EQ at all!
6. You finally get everything installed on your new computer, take an EQ refresher by skimming one of your many EQ books, and you manage to print one block.
7. The look of the printed foundation looks familiar.  You think maybe you have something like this already printed and in a tote under your longarm.
8. You find the large stack of printed pages - yes, those are just what you want.
9. You go nuts trying to match the printed pages with the blocks in the book - yes, the printed pages have labels like "Row 1-8", but the pages in the book have block names.  You must look through all the pages to figure out which block "belongs" to each printed foundation.

At this point you give up - procrastination again - and fix yourself some lunch.

I decided I really needed to see all the blocks I'd finished in order to choose fabrics for the new blocks.  So I took all the junk off the design wall and put up the blocks.  They already look pretty impressive, don't you think?  You can see the details better if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Upon seeing them I decided to change the fabrics I'd pulled for the next block.  (I decided to identify one block at a time when I am ready to sew it - less frustrating!)  These aren't even half the blocks - I'm definitely going to run out of design wall space!

In the meantime I brought my stack of quilts needing binding down from the longarm room.  I keep shifting them from place to place to get them out of the way, but I'm leaving them where I can see them so I don't forget they need to be done.


Jo said...

Love your blocks! I write on the page in the book when i finish each block. I was going crazy with them too!

Linda J said...

Love the blocks. Going to be a wonderful quilt.

I am doing the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt but to be truthful, out of necessity, it is set aside till I get caught up with some other obligation/deadline work.

Different era that you but still a bazillion small blocks (6 inch finished) I have subbed out about 1/3 to half the blocks with my own choices.