Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moving day - or should I say reorganization day?

Yesterday I quickly that two of the five quilts needing binding needed 30's fabrics.  And where are my 30's fabrics?  In the closet under the stairs - of course!  And how far back in the closet?  All the way to the very end.  So I decided if I had to pull all the tubs and baskets out of the closet I might as well reorganize everything.  

A flashlight is necessary to see what all is back there.  All these tubs are full of fabrics.

There is room to open only a few at a time.
In addition to 30's fabrics, I want plaids back on the shelves, too.  So I sorted through the yarn, decided what I'd need for the next 1-2 years of knitting, and put that yarn under the longarm.  The rest of the yarn is going in bins deep in the closet to age to perfection.  Since I'm quilting most of the time, I figured I probably wouldn't be starting new sweaters, so sweater quantities are what I'm putting away.

Of course the yarn must be moved off the shelves before the fabric can go on.  And the fabric must come out of the tubs before the yarn can go in.  This means the floor is covered with bins and yarn and the cutting table is rapidly becoming covered with fabrics.

It is a slow process.  Why is it making me so tired that I have to rest every half hour or so?  I know - the fabric is heavy.  And I'm sure I must have been at least 10 years younger when I moved it into the closet 3 years ago!

How did I accumulate so much fabric?   (Even more mysterious - how could I possibly have accumulated this much yarn?) 

Even 2-3 years ago it didn't all fit on my shelves.  This calls for drastic measures.  I'm going to put the fabrics I'm unlikely to use in the near future - novelties, and bright non-reproduction fabrics for the most part - into baskets and put them in an accessible place in the closet.  I'm hoping this will make room for everything I want on my shelves.  Of course, that doesn't include all the quilt kits I have in tubs under the longarm upstairs.  I'm afraid to look in them LOL!

Now I remember!  Three years ago I met my Weight Watcher goal.  Three years ago I was 15 pounds lighter (I'm working on it!  I've lost 10 pounds since January.)  Three years ago I was fairly active.  I don't remember the last time I went to the gym.)

I got the doctor's final OK on my hand this morning - no more restrictions other than wearing my brace if lifting heavy things.  Fantastic!  I can go back to knitting socks.  Even more fantastic, I can now start swimming again.  That will certainly help me lose these last 15 pounds and give me more energy.

If I can just force myself out of the sewing room.


sewkalico said...

I've just had to tidy my studio for the longarm and it is exhausting! I seemed to 'store' stuff in carrier bags so the only way to tidy was to just empty them out and force myself to organise. I confess there are still a few unsorted scrap bins, but I'll get go them someday :)

keryn said...

Are they Billy bookcases that your fabric is in? I would love to have my fabric stored like that. Your stash looks wonderful, I'm envious

Vicki said...

Having so much fun exploring and re-reading your blogs - Wish I lived closer (I'm on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - which isn't far but not close enough). want to go through that (those?) boxes of kits under your longarm - or are those the ones listed on left of last post? I went to a quilters estate sale recently and scored a bag of small amts.of civil war fabric - was a good day! haha