Thursday, February 28, 2013

Remember to comment if you want to be entered into the drawing!

I will draw for the Jan Patek Block-of-the-Month patterns shortly after noon tomorrow.  I want to get those patterns plus the others I've promised into the mail tomorrow.  So if you want to enter, be sure to comment on this post.

Right now there are 10 comments, but only 8 of those are entered because I have no way to contact two of the people who commented.  One chance in 8 is very good odds!

I did manage to do the machine stitching on one binding today - the Friendship Garden quilt.  I'm still madly shifting and reordering things.  I'll be so glad when that is done!

Here is the last Civil War Diary block for February.  This makes a total of 9.  I'm shooting for an average of 10 each month until completion - so I need to get 11 done in March.

I'll leave you with a picture of today's socks.  The sock knitting world calls these "plain vanilla" socks because they are straight stockinette stitch with a short rib at the top.  They are anything but plain, however, because of the wonderfully colorful self-striping yarn.  This isn't the best picture of the colors - they are more muted in actuality.  It's almost 9:30 p.m. here and the only way to get true colors is outside in daylight.  It's yarn like this that drew me back to knitting and to learning to make socks.


Tazzie said...

Ohhhh Patti, your socks are adorable, I just love the yarn you've selected. It looks very similar to a pattern I often use, very simple, but made lovely by the yarn.
Hope you've had a great week

sewkalico said...

Love those socks!! You are almost tempting me to try some... just not sure my knitting (or knitting pattern reading) is up to it!!)

Gayle said...

Just wanted to let you know (in case I'm the lucky winner) that I'm leaving home in a minute and won't be home till "Sunday night. I'll check me email then...... didn't want you to think I'd be ignoring you! LOL (crossing my fingers)

Lily Boot said...

They are gorgeous Patti! I love self striping yarn - and the idea of sock knitting. In practice, I'm quite slow and easily distracted. Now if I could just knit socks in chunky weight ;-)