Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I never imagined I would learn to spin.  In the past I have had a few occasions to watch someone spin, and was always fascinated, but I didn't think about doing it myself.  I didn't know anyone who spun, and we certainly didn't raise sheep on our 100' x 97' lot.   Spinning just didn't occur to me.

Three years ago, when I once again took up knitting after a break of over 40 years, I started to hang out with knitters.  And when one hangs out with knitters - at least around here - one will soon discover that quite a few of them are also spinners.  One or two will bring a drop spindle to a meeting and will spin instead of knitting.  When I'd ask a knitter about the yarn used for a particular shawl or sweater I'd learn she spun the yarn itself.  I was amazed.

I started hanging out with a knitting and spinning group where more of them spun than knitted.  One of them actually taught spinning.  The longer I  watched and learned the more the idea grew on me.  So two years ago last Christmas I asked DH for spinning lessons.  And I asked for a spinning wheel of my own for my birthday once the lessons were over.  I was hooked.  That was two years ago at the beginning of April.

Now that I've been spinning for almost two years I still consider myself a beginner.  I learn something new every time I spin.  Spinning is like hand quilting in that it is almost meditational, and hours can fly by without even realizing it.

Every Wednesday morning I head north of Vancouver to Ridgefield, WA to spin with a lovely group of ladies.  (Ridgefield is where my husband taught for almost 40 years before he retired two years ago this coming June.)  We meet at the community center, which is attached to the library, and spin for 2-2 1/2 hours.  I always have a lovely time.

Me, spinning on Sir Lawrence, my second wheel. Lawrence is a folding Lendrum - my travel wheel.

Some of my spinning friends - it was a small group today.

I hold my fiber in the left hand and draft with the right hand.  I'm spinning a fine single using a semi-worsted forward draw. If you enlarge the picture you can better see what I'm doing.

The fiber is 4 oz. combed top hand dyed by DiCentra Designs - 75% Blue Faced Leicester wool 25% silk

A bit over two oz. spun in two hours.  I love these colors!

Sir Lawrence folded for travel

Carry bag tied onto luggage cart makes traveling easy


Anonymous said...

That came out beautiful!

Pascale said...

You are going to make us all addicted like you with your beautiful photos. I've never tried spinning but do knit.