Friday, February 15, 2013

Three more blocks done

The December block for Jan Patek's 2009 mystery quilt revealed the quilt is named "Cabin in the Pines".  The final installment also included a picture of the entire quilt.  I really like this one!

Yesterday and this morning I finished three more blocks.

That leaves the final three blocks - the snowman, the pineapples, and the potted plant on the right -  plus the four star-in-a-circle cornerstones to applique.  You can see the first part of my quilt sewn together in this post.

Once they are finished it should be easy to sew together a finished top.  It would be if I'd put all the materials together in one place.  That's what I thought I'd done.  I have the striped border fabric.  I have the star point fabric, but I don't think the piece is big enough.  I don't have the yellow plaid homespun that forms the background of the four corner starpoints.  So somewhere in the Black Hole of Calcutta that is the closet, in the huge bins of plaids, must be that fabric.  Or another fabric that will serve.

Once I start feeling normal again I'm going to have to attack that closet.  I need to put the fabrics back on the shelves and the yarn into the tubs.  It's all yarn for sweaters, and right now I'm obsessed with knitting socks.  So it will be fine in the closet until I need it.  Right now I need my fabric!

In an ideal world, one would have a beautiful studio for each of one's hobbies.  But in real life that hardly ever happens, and I'm so very thankful I have plenty of space to manage.  The sewing room hasn't been reorganized for at least two years - must be time to do that again.

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Linda J said...

I like the watermelon block you had just finished the most on this set!