Monday, February 18, 2013

The top is coming together - slowly!

I found the missing fabrics - thank goodness! - so this morning I proceeded with sewing "Cabin in the Pines" together.

There was an important measurement missing in the final instructions for this quilt - the size of the quarter-square triangles forming the stars.  Nor were there any instructions as to how large to cut the squares before cutting them corner to corner to make the triangles.  The finished size of the four on-point blocks was also missing, and there were a couple mistakes as to the cut size of the backgrounds for those blocks.  I did some math, and than added extra to the squares in case I'd made a mistake in my math.  I always cut quarter-squares extra big when used in a setting such as this, as I've found the triangles can be a little too small after attaching if they are cut to exact size.  I really believe in adding extra just in case, and then cutting to size after sewing.

This has made for slow going.  I've gotten this far after 5 hours of work.  I have accurate measurements now, so the rest should go much more quickly.  I don't think I can finish tonight, but I should have no trouble finishing tomorrow.  There are set-in corners on all the rectangular blocks, which take more time, but after all these years I feel comfortable doing those.

I see I got my foot in the picture - that made me smile.


Dorothy said...

It's looking great.

MJinMichigan said...

I finished the blocks for that quilt as the kits arrived each month but never set them together. Seeing your progress has made me think that I need to get the pieces out and sew them together although it sounds like it may be time consuming with the missing measurements. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end since I love Jan Patek's designs. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm glad to see that you're back to blogging regularly since I've missed your posts.