Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It feels so good to have this done.  That makes two UFO's and two HSY's I've turned into finished tops since I started quilting again.  I'm determined to whittle down those sidebar lists!  Especially since I've been looking at the UFO's list and discovered there are at least two I remember - but haven't found yet - that aren't listed.  I sure hope there aren't any more!

I'm fairly confident this top lies flat - I just don't have a big enough space to stretch it out in.  It is a big quilt - 76" square.  I will finish it with "big stitch" utility quilting using DMD "Cebelia" #437 in a Baptist Fan pattern.

I have four wonderful handmade star "buttons" that came with the kit - one for the crow's eye and three for buttons on the snowman.  They are fragile and not heat resistant, so I will sew them on once the top is quilted and bound.

I think it is time to start some reorganization before I resume work on the Civil War Diaries quilt.  I'm heading upstairs with some sacks to start going through books.  My spinning group meets at the library on Wednesday mornings, so I can take them to donate right away.


sewkalico said...

I love it. Well done with your ufos,!!!

Linda J said...

Looking good with this one---once you rounded up the fabrics you needed.