Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clothed at last

My doll making days ended sometime in the '80's, so many of my supplies have been passed on.  I found my box of ribbons, but no tiny white lace for the bottom of her dress.  I wanted blue baby rickrack for her apron, but didn't have the right color.  I can easily add those later - for now she is a simple pioneer woman with ribbons in her hair.  As she has on her apron, she must be making Sunday dinner.

I had to change her dress color - the fat quarter of red polka dot wasn't enough for the dress.  I think she was snacking on sweets as she lay hidden in the drawer, because there was no overlap on the back of the dress.  Instead of sewing on tiny snaps I literally had to pull and tug to bring the bodice together while sewing her into her dress.  The next time I'm at Joann's I'll pick up a package of blue baby rickrack and a bit of white lace.

She looks so happy sitting in the living room wing chair.  I know she is glad to be out of that drawer!

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